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Huge Star Wars fan since I first waited in line in 1977 to see the FIRST SW.
Rob Wickman

So, I've been pondering this "[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158)" thing..

The most intriguing question I've seen so far is.."Who is Max Von Sydow's character in the new star wars movie..?!" He's supposedly a character we ALL know. He collects artifacts and he serves as a "mentor" of sorts, to Daisy Ridley's character (Rey).. Production is clouded in secrecy as to who this pivotal character is..

After thinking and reading about this since the first teaser, I couldn't for the life of me come up with anyone(!) Everyone who could theoretically be as old as Sydow, has already been killed off in the previous 6 films.

Then I decided to think outside the the abstract. where "up is possibly, a number" and "down might be, a color".

I think I know who Max Von Sydow is. And if I'm can ALL say you heard it here FIRST. And I PROMISE you..I did not hear, read, or see this idea from anyone except my own weird brain.

When I tell you, I BET it will make SENSE because it COULD happen...!

Any guesses before I say..?

Ok here ya go..:

..At least I "hope" this is what they have in mind..


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