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I stopped by Moviepilot to check out what everyone's saying about the latest news, like about the leaked 'Batman v Superman' trailer and when the heck we're going to get a trailer for 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2.' So when I saw Moviepilot's contest to write something "outside my comfort zone," I was intrigued and decided to see what was what.

The first step was to take the quiz. It's not long, and kinda fun, with very specific answers to questions about burning bedrooms and remote islands. As I took the quiz, I could see where my answers were leading me.

And I was right! I'm a fantasy/sci fi fan, but I knew that already. I've been a fantasy/sci fi fan ever since I can remember. The first big movie experience I remember was seeing 'Star Wars' (it wasn't IV then, just 'Star Wars'). I still remember how awestruck I was when the Imperial ship seemed to fly over me. I also remember watching 'The Hobbit' cartoon on TV when I was a kid. Gollum was pretty scary to a little kid. (Maybe he still is!)

After figuring out I'm a fantasy/sci fi fan, Moviepilot made some suggestions about the next topic I should write about. Moviepilot suggested Pixar's 'Inside Out', Fan Art, 90's cartoon nostalgia, 'How To Train Your Dragon 3' and 'Dragon Ball Z.' I don't know anything about 'Dragon Ball Z' or fan art. I've already written about 90's cartoon nostalgia and I don't want to be in breach of my contract with There's not enough info out about 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' to really address it. So, it looks like I'll be writing about Pixar's upcoming movie, 'Inside Out.'

What about you? What's your genre?

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