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*note: This is opinion. I chose not to add books, video games, and non-cannon.

3.) Darth Vader

Although we know how he got there and we know where he ends up; we do not know what happened in that 20 years between Revenge and A New Hope. Id like to see a story directly after Revenge of the Sith. Where a new Darth Vader is stuck between Anakin Skywalker and himself. I feel like Vader would be most powerful yet most vurnable at this time. He is just getting over the death of his wife and dealing with inner demons. Would be a cool and dark film. You could also show him hunting down the remaining jedi while also trying to find and kill his former master Obi Wan.

2.) Ashoka Tano

I know a lot of you won’t agree with this but hear me out!

Ashoka Tano was a pivotal character in Clone Wars and now in Rebels. She is one of the sparks of the Rebel army and a strong female role (something Star Wars films have been lacking). Her Movie can start during her disappearance and end with her as “fulcrum”. I understand in the new season of Rebels they are going to be using her character more and we’ll learn more but i would love to see an Ashoka film. Senator Organa and many others can make their cameos. Id love to see more of what happened after leaving the Jedis.

1.) Han Solo

A Han Solo movie would be the ultimate stand alone film. This film could give you the back story of one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars. Like Rouge One there would be an absence of the Jedi. Like rogue one will be a war film this could be a gangster/heist/bounty hunter/origin story type film. The amount of characters you can cram into this movie is unbelievable. You could do this without over kill as well. You can add Han and chewys story, Han and Landos story, add characters like Greedo, Boba Fett, and Jaba. The original trilogy barely scrapes the surface of the Han Solo story so if a director decided to take this on they can stretch that story. This movie would be every nerds dream! The only problem i see is a recast of Harrison Fords iconic role. This could be easily done although many OT die-hard fans will not be happy.


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