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Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to attend a special event for Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice. Last week it was announced that the first preview to this major superhero movie was going to premiere on Monday April 20th on select IMAX screens. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to one of the IMAX theaters in Ohio. I was excited to take part of the event as I thought it would be something different. Not to mention seeing the trailer on the big screen would definitely raise my anticipation for Batman v.Superman. However my excitement was not to last as the trailer was released on Friday April 17th, four days prior to the preview's original premiere date. This change was due to a leak of the trailer. On Thursday, someone uploaded a bootleg version of the trailer on Thursday. This led to several people watching the preview which then lead to the studio to officially release the preview on Friday night. While it was great to see the preview released early, I could not help but feel disappointed due to this move ruining the excitement I had for Monday night.

Though the excitement for the IMAX event was gone, I still attended the presentation. I was hopeful that something would have been added to give the attendees of the IMAX screening to this preview. However the night was bittersweet. It was great to see the trailer on the IMAX screen, but if you were looking for new content from the movie, you would likely be disappointed by the presentation. Preceded by an intro from director Zack Snyder, the preview to Batman v.Superman was shown twice. The only difference between the IMAX trailer and the preview online was that the IMAX version features a final scene of Superman and Batman clashing. The scene was not much but it was still cool to see. Nevertheless, while I enjoyed the trailer on the IMAX screen, I could not help but feel that the event was bittersweet. Though I was a little disappointed from the event I could not but wonder: if this trailer was not released four days before, would I feel differently about the evening?

I am sure some out there are likely annoyed with Warner Bros. Studios for not adding more content to the trailer event, but I cannot say that I am among that group. It was clear that WB and Zack Snyder wanted to release Dawn of Justice's trailer yesterday, but any excitement for the trailer was ruined thanks to the trailer being leaked. While it would have been cool for the studio to adapt to the situation and release more content with the preview, I think any addition to the trailer event would have been easier said then done. Changing the structure of the original plan would have complicated things to the point where the release of this trailer may have been pushed back. So I cannot say I blame for the studio for both sticking to their original plan as well as releasing the preview early.

My frustration from this whole thing comes from the constant growing matter of people leaking trailers online before their scheduled releases. Batman v.Superman was not the first movie to suffer from this problem ( and it will surely not be the last).Last year, the first trailer to Avengers: Age of Ultron was scheduled to be released along with an episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. However, the preview was leaked online which led to Marvel Studios releasing the preview days before (though Marvel did add a clip with the trailer when it was shown with Agents of SHIELD). The fact of the matter is that with more big time trailers are being leak, and it keeps leading to studios to release previews prior to their original release dates. Don't get me wrong: getting this preview as soon as possible is great. I admit that it would probably more efficient for me to watch Batman v.Superman trailer yesterday instead of spoiling it for myself on Friday. Be that as it may, I cannot help but thing that the consistent leakage of trailer, while handy for anyone excited for the movie, takes away from the overall cinematic experience that the build up to preview's release can create. When it comes to this issue, I feel that having these trailer released early is not bad thing. However when it comes to blaming the studios for releasing the trailers early, I feel that blaming them is uncalled for; especially when there hands were tied.

The evening was not a total lost. I did get two cool posters and I have a chance to see Batman v.Superman a week prior to its release. However I cannot help but think of the night that could have been. The thought of seeing this trailer for the first time on an IMAX screen would have made for a terrific cinematic experience. However that dream was gone thanks to people leaking the trailer as well as my own urge to watch the trailer four days prior. I suppose I cannot blame either party, but I cannot help but wonder just how this trend of leaking trailers will change the game of movie advertisement. We will have to wait and see what the studios will do about this matter from now on.


What did you think of the trailer event to Batman v.Superman?


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