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Many people nowadays have become more open and interested in the world of BDSM.

Whether people curiously read up on it, or perhaps even attempt a move or two, the world of fetishes has opened its gates as we discover more and more various likings and cravings. And in the process, we are becoming more open-minded.

Wonder what it's called when people are turned on when wearing fuzzy animal suits? Puzzled as to what dendrophilia is? Don't you fret. We have the answers for you!

1. Atemnophilia

This fetish includes having an attraction to amputees.

2. Crush

Some people enjoy feeling crushed and smushed under someone's feet or get a thrill out of watching a person step on slug, snails, and other small animals.

3. Dendrophilia

A dendrophiliac is sexually attracted to or sexually aroused by trees.

4. Objectophilia

This fetish is focused on inanimate objects

5. Furries

Furries enjoy wearing animal suits and giving human-like qualities to their animal costumes by walking on two feet and having very expressive faces.

6. Agalmatophilia

If you find yourself attracted to mannequins, then this is the fetish for you.

7. Hybristophilia

This fetish refers to people who are attracted to criminals.

8. Forniphilia

This is a type of bondage in which a person is used as a piece of furniture.

9. Dacryphilia

A person will get turned on by another person crying.

10. Balloon Fetishism

Also known as a "looner," some enjoy popping balloons, others love blowing them up, and even others enjoy lying and sitting on them as well.

11. Infantilism

A person who enjoys this fetish is into wearing a diaper and living out fantasies from their infancy.

As long as the people involved are consenting and enjoying themselves, I try not to judge and keep an open mind. I supposed it all comes back to that saying: "whatever peels your banana," or "pops your balloon."

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