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It's been quite a week for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice news. On Friday, the first official trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released online, followed by the theatrical debut in a special IMAX screening on Monday night.

Also, on Monday, Bleacher Report debuted the first up close video footage of the new Batmobile in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In addition to the Batmobile, the footage also contained a look at the new Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman costumes from the film. Now, Bleacher Report has provided with some B-Roll footage of the costumes, which provides a much more detailed look.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on March 25, 2016.

Here's a gallery of all of the pics or check out the video above!

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Do these costumes do the superheroes justice?


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