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And we thought the Flash was fast! A mere 48-hours after Michelle MacLaren departed the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film due to creative differences, Warner Bros. has found a new female director to take over the project in Patty Jenkins.

Warner Bros. moved at lightening speed to close a deal with Jenkins, who, at one point, was slated to direct Thor: The Dark World for Marvel Studios.

She will now become the first female director to handle a big project in Warner Bros. ever developing DC Cinematic Universe.

The studio needed to move quickly in order not to lose momentum on the project, which has been slotted for 2017 and has Gal Gadot attached to star.

What do you guys think? Is Jenkins, known for directing the Charlize Theron Indie flick Monster and the pilot episode of the acclaimed AMC drama The Killing, going to do Wonder Woman justice on the big screen? We sure think so!

(Source: THR Heat Vision)

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