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I am very thankful I drive my own car to and from work, with no need to step one foot on a bus or train.

Because I know if I was caught in a situation like this, I would crap my pants in public and and start to cry. And it would not be pretty.

A popular TV show titled Programma Silvio Santos in Brazil set up hidden cameras on a subway to prank passengers who get more than they bargained for.

The everyday subway-goers get on their ride and continue on their normal day. Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker. Eventually, much to the stunned passengers, the lights go off and the subway stops moving.

When the lights flash on again, a ghostly pale woman holding a baby stands with her head bowed. As the riders begin to go ballistic and scramble to get out of the shut down subway, the spirit woman lifts her head.

She lets out a wild, high-pitched scream that could only come from death herself, causing the passengers to go into a wild, terrified frenzy.

There is even a hilarious part of the video where two young men cower and scream while ducking in between the seats. Again, I would probably do the same thing if I found myself in that exact situation.

To watch the entire video and let out a chuckle or two, check it out below:

Forever more, I will stick to the comfort and safety of my car and avoid any and all means of public transportation. Unless, of course, I find myself adjusting my rearview mirror and I come face to face with a malicious entity.

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