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So, I took the quiz on "Can We Guess Which Fandom You Belong To?", and I got a rather typical... yet unusual result.

Are you ready? My result was...

Superheroes/Video Games

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Based on my relatively diverse responses, the quiz said that my ideal fandom is superheroes, and my suggested article as to be on video games. The quiz was rather spot-on, since I mostly write about superheroes, and I do love video games.

And now, I'll do an article a little differently from my previous ones and, based on my quiz results above, I'll be talking about:

Which Superhero Video Game Would I Go Into?

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I know. The idea of going into a video game sounds a lot like Spy Kids 3 all over again. However, the fact still remains that I would like to live out a few hours (or my whole life, depending on my mood) inside the video game that I'm playing, and I would like to be a superhero.

So the question is: which superhero video game should I go into? Well, it will have to be a game where I get to fight super villains and criminals alike, I will need an awesome costume, and it must have good graphics (I want my experience to be awesome, right?).

Based on the following criteria, the game that I would go into would be:

Batman: Arkham City

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That's right! My ideal video game is to fight crime (as Batman does), to wear an awesome costume (which Batman has), and to play in glorious graphics of 1080p. Personally, Batman: Arkham City is one of my favorite adaptations of Batman, as well as one of my favorite video games, which also makes it the ideal game to immerse in.

So, that's my opinion. What's your ideal game to go into? Post in the comments section below!


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