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To loosely quote [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), "that's how it start...the Cape...the Cowl...the plethora of Gadgets...It turns good men...cruel." Well it at least brings their epic status to an all time high. When Bruce Wayne puts on the Suit, he's not Bruce Wayne anymore, in fact most people would argue that Bruce IS Batman and Bruce Wayne is the mask.

Just recently Snyder released a photo of the Bat-Suit so epic and so true to the character, that I just had to write a short article about it.

Batman's suit in Dawn of Justice
Batman's suit in Dawn of Justice

Until now we had only seen bits and pieces. Now we know what this Batman is going to look like. I was always a bit concerned that going with the Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller Batman, would mean making Batman a bit too bulky. Especially if he's going to perform that totally unneeded triple spin kick that simply looks awesome. This Suit though, indicates that Snyder's Batman will be big as well as toned down for a more reasonable martial arts master type character like Batman. He's got the Dark Knight Returns Bat symbol, which I'm totally fine with. It also has the best Utility Belt I've seen put on film before. You really get a sense that Batman is packing a lot of intricate tech for multiple occasions.

What are your thoughts on the full Snyder Bat-Suit? Let us know in detail in the comments below.


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