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This two-month Marvel journey has finally come to an end. MoviePilot reaches hundreds of Marvel fans, and I wanted to know who they thought was the toughest character in the Marvel Universe.

So I created a 64-character, March Madness-style, tournament. Then I reached out and asked Marvel fans to vote on who would win each fight. The results were great (though I'm still a little bitter over that Iceman over Dr. Doom upset).

So after 5 rounds of voting, we had a final matchup set between Thor and Professor X.

You voted, and now we have a winner! The toughest Marvel character is...


And it wasn't close. Thor beat Professor X by a score of 14-4. I can't say I'm surprised. After all, I did make Thor the number one overall seed in the tournament.

That's not to say that the entire bracket went as I expected. We definitely saw some upsets. In the first round, we saw the 11th seeded Juggernaut take out the 6th seeded She-Hulk. In the second round, we saw the 6th seeded Venom knock off the 3rd seeded Ms. Marvel. And also in the second round, the biggest upset of the tournament was the 10th seeded Iceman taking out the 2nd seeded Dr. Doom.

But aside from those few upsets, the voters agreed with my seeding and the rest of the bracket was chalk. All four top seeds won their respective regions and reached the Final 4. There, Thor defeated Dr. Strange and Professor X beat The Hulk.

But in the end, the God of Thunder was the favorite. Thor is the winner of Marvel March Madness.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Keep an eye out for more Marvel content!


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