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If you are reading this, then you have been chosen to be The Game Runner. You have been selected by Allied International to be the leader of a small team, a team formidable, young, brave, daring, selfless, loyal, and strong. You will cross enemy lines to unplug The Video Games, to save the human race, and to return to Allied International as a hero. Do you accept the mission?

I see you are confused, and I know why. If you are the chosen one, then you have grown up sheltered until now. It was all an undercover mission by Allied International to ensure that you became the strong, brave, selfless leader needed to defeat The Video Games. All you know is the garden in the left corner of your backyard, the sun melting in through the windows of your mountain cabin, the smell of spaghetti on the stove, and the sound of your mother singing from the kitchen. There is so much more to the world. Do not be alarmed, but learn and study. You will need to know every little detail possible about The Video Games before you creep into their inky lair.

One hundred years ago Earth fell. Ninety-nine years ago Allied International rose. They were the remnants of humanity fighting against nature for a better life. The Earth was hit with incredibly strong natural disasters: famine, hypercanes, mountain-shattering earthquakes, volcanoes, and plagues. Over three-fourths of humanity died. The bodies were piled sky-high and stank of rotting flesh and hot blood. Flies swarmed in black clouds, making death more pleasant than life.

Allied International fought on, the will to survive stronger than nature's will to kill. Then The Video Games came. They had been forgotten, blurry fantasies from the past. They were new nightmares to Allied International. They plagued the Earth slaughtering, devouring, and burning all in-sight.

A man by the name of James Thomas Dashner rose up and fought them. He was brave. He slew many. They fled to the corners of the Earth. James discovered their secret. They had a power source. They were feeding off of electricity built up in abandoned water plants and nuclear reactor plants. He destroyed them all. That's what he thought anyways. But there was one plant left, one we had missed. It was the biggest plant on Earth, most powerful, and most guarded. James fell at the doors of the plant. His blood runs in you. You are the Game runner. You alone can cross enemy lines, unplug The Video Games, and send them back to hell where they came from!

We have mapped out everything we can. We have remnants of James' maps, his drawings, and photographs. The Video Games come in all shapes and sizes. They have transformed Earth's surface to look like their worlds. This will not be an easy mission, but you are the strongest, bravest, most selfless descendent of James Thomas Dashner to ever have lived. You will conquer The Video Games and return to Allied International a hero.

Grand Theft Auto

Be careful! The first place you must trek across is the place we call Grand Theft Auto. Be extremely careful. It is full of half-naked women; they seem beautiful on the outside, but they have killed many a man. James lost many to these snakes! The men are no better. They'll beat you, steal everything you have, and throw your corpse into a dumpster. Be on your guard and get through Grand Theft Auto as fast as you can! The sooner you've crossed it, the better.

Mortal Kombat X

It'll take you a few days to get through Grand Theft Auto. If you survive it (we believe you will), then you'll need supplies. The closest stop is at an underground market. Chances are you'll have to fight someone to get supplies. These men have no mercy. They will saw you in half, tear you limb from limb, or impale you. You must be smarter, quicker, and stronger than your opponent. We have confidence you will be victor over these fighters. If choose not to stop at Mortal Combat X then you will run out of supplies before the next market.


James never really made too clear what goes on in the Land of Minecraft. You will have to cross it. We've heard rumors of zombies, spiders, skeletons, and even Endermen. We know that James barely survived nightfall. Be on your guard. Try to seek shelter before the sun goes down. If you can't, try to find the "blue" man. We have no idea who he is, but James referenced him as being a knight is shining armor. Maybe he can help you.


There is only one way out of this place, and that's by winning round after round after round. You will have to assume the role of the Pac-Man and defeat the ghosts. Should you fail...well, Allied International is putting every chip they have into you and your team. Do not fail them. The Pac-Man game will be one of the harder ones to defeat, so if you can defeat it, then you will have an easier ride for awhile.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman will assist you valiantly. Gotham is full of killers, so you'll need to purge it. You can only unplug The Video Games if Gotham is clean. Gotham is The Video Games energy hubs that powers the plant. Shut it down, and you've severed one arm of the energy plant.


The Tetris door blocks you from the last leg of the journey. You'll encounter the last three energy hubs that run The Video Games energy plant. They will be taxing on the body, mind, and soul. You will be tested in every manner, tempted to give up. Do not fail Allied International. Do not fail the human race, Game Runner! You will have to defeat the Tetris game to unlock the door. If you fail, well, it's expected we will never see you again.

Star Wars Battlefront

The weapons, transport, and soldiers on the Star Wars Battlefront will be far superior to anything you have faced yet. Although we don't know much about who or what you'll be facing, we know that James recalled it as the deadliest front he crossed. Be on guard. Watch everything around you. This may be the hardest hub to defeat. If you defeat it, you will have severed the second arm of the energy plant. The Video Games will sense their danger and become desperate. Be ready for an all out attack!

Dark Souls II

The Video Games will begin to send their worst for you. Be ready. You are strong and brave, Game Runner. We trust you are the one to victor. These men will do anything to slit your throat and steal your soul. They are cunning and strong. The land is dark and full of evil. You will crave death but not find it. Keep your feet moving. The end is near! Make sure to destroy this third hub.

The Evil Within

This will be the most haunting, bloody, dark hub you'll face. Everything is left up to this defining moment. Destroy this hub and The Video Games' plant will sputter. They will falter. Death will come fast if you are not careful. The men are merciless, blood-thirsty, and daring. You will need everyone on your team to get through this.

Super Mario Bros.

The Video Games are cunning. They will have disguised the energy plant to look bright and happy. The dangers are very real, everywhere. It will be easier to die here then in any of the other places you have traveled through. The Video Games will treat you as their friends. Watch out especially for Mario. Do not fall at the doors like James Dashner. Game Runner, you are humanity's last hope. Destroy this game and you will have freed the Earth. The Video Games will vanish, exiled to their bloody deaths in hell where they belong. When you finish, you will come home to Allied International as a hero.

Pack your bags, Game Runner. You are going on an adventure. It will be taxing, but you are strong. It will be dangerous, but you are brave. It will be cruel, but you are selfless. There is no one more equipped for the job. With your team of carefully selected members, there is nothing The Video Games can do to stop you. Best of luck and we'll see you on celebration day at Allied International HQ!


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