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By now, I'm sure that most everyone has heard that The Mortal Instruments will not be continuing, at least in regards to a movie. Instead, the books will be made into a TV series on ABC Family.

I'm a huge fan of the books, but I can't say that I watched the movie. Honestly, I got about halfway through and had to stop. I couldn't continue watching the horror that had become of one of my favorite book series. Call me dramatic, but that's just how I feel about it. Because it was horrible.

Now, the producers and crew working on the new series, Shadowhunters, are working hard to bring the books to life in the way they deserve. Scouring the country for actors and actresses to portray our favorite characters, not stopping until the job is done. That is dedication and that's one reason I'm so looking forward to Shadowhunters.

If I were casting, these are the choices I would make:

Clary Fray: Lily Collins

Lily Collins as Clary Fray?
Lily Collins as Clary Fray?

In all honesty, I think Lily Collins is one of the few things they got right with the movie. She's the only person I can see as Clary.

Jace Wayland: Nick Roux or Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland
Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland
Nick Roux
Nick Roux

This is a hard one for me. Because I adore Nick Roux and I really think he could pull off Jace Wayland. But at the same time, I don't know if he's got the right look for it. I've never really thought Jamie Campbell Bower was meant to be Jace, but he's just worthy of being a backup.

Simon Lewis: Ashton Moio

Ashton Moio for the role?
Ashton Moio for the role?

I loved Ashton in Twisted. He was great at being the awkward best friend in that show, so why not in Shadowhunters? He's adorable, too.

Isabelle Lightwood: Leighton Meester

This is one that I'm not completely sure about, but I'd much rather have Leighton Meester portraying Isabelle than that other girl. No hate towards her, but I just don't think she was right for the role.

Alec Lightwood: Drew Roy

When I look at Drew, I see Alec. Besides, Falling Skies is ending, so...

Magnus Bane: Godfrey Gao

Honestly, I never watched enough of the movie to get to any parts with Magnus, but just from looking at Godfrey, I'm going to say he's a good Magnus Bane.

Valentine Morgenstern: Sebastian Roché

God, Sebastian Roché is just so amazing. I think he is the obvious and perfect choice to play Valentine. There's no one else.

Luke Garroway: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Another instance where I look at him and see Luke Garroway.

Jocelyn Fray: Lena Headey

God, how great is Lena Headey? Probably the only other thing they got right with the movie. She's the perfect Jocelyn Fray, not to mention Cersei Lannister, but that's another story for another post.

Jonathan/Sebastian Morgenstern: Jack Falahee

If you watched Twisted, then I think you know just how perfect Jack Falahee is for this role. His portrayal of Charlie McBride, the brother of Jo Masterson (who's lost a few screws along the way) was spot-on.

But let's not talk about Twisted. Because I'm still upset ABC Family cancelled it.

Hodge: David Thewlis

And one more example. Yes, when I look at David Thewlis, not only do I see Remus Lupin, but I also imagine him as Hodge. He's my first choice.


So those are my top choices. What are yours?


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