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*This article is solely to give my opinion (what I was asked to do as a Creator) and not to stir controversy. Interpret any way you want to.*

After taking an intermission from the MP writing community to focus on solo projects (and watch tons of movies), I have noticed something while checking in and out around other movie websites and communities. There are tons of people who call themselves "movie lovers." When it comes to watching movies, I have no set genre. I believe that if you call yourself a "movie lover", then you should not limit yourself to one genre of movies. I believe that an actual movie lover appreciates all genres, no matter what film fits in that category. Saying that you are an "action-movie lover" is different. The definition of lover (besides having a committed relationship partner) is "A person who likes or enjoys something specified." (Thanks Google for solving life's problems)

The girl in the pink thinks that movie is hilarious
The girl in the pink thinks that movie is hilarious

On plenty of occasions, I've heard people say that they are movie lovers, but only watch one type of movie, whether it be comedy or action. On plenty of occasions, these same movie lovers go and watch their favorite genre of movies. I have always had a tingling neck sensation and a tremble go down my spine, (my equivalent to an eye twitch) when people say that.

Conducting a quick survey of 50 students around school, 75% of those students claimed they were movie lovers. 55% of that 75% also said they had a favorite genre. That means that 20% of the 38 people claimed they were movie lovers, which is six people, are, in my opinion, actual movie lovers. Since I've already explained what I think an actual movie lover is, I will give those people who claim they are movie lovers and aren't a more suitable title:

Movie Tolerators.

Thanks to Google (), I have an official definition for tolerance:

Google: the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.
i.e: "the tolerance of

Focusing on the "...ability or willingness to tolerate something in particular the existence of opinions or behavior..." part, I believe that the title of "movie tolerators" is the best substitute.

From my time in the MP community, I can truly say that there is an abundance of "movie lovers" and not "movie tolerators" (keep doing what you're doing MP). Looking around here, people love all types of movies instead of just one genre. And for those who might have realized that they are "movie tolerators", there is nothing wrong with being one, but let this article be a gateway to exploring new genres. Trust me, there are really great movies out there, but one has to be willing to explore the labyrinth I like to call The World of Films.


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