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Zooey Deschanel, who portrays the quirky yet cute star of New Girl, commends Fox's marketing campaign, as they coined the term "adorkable." But she doesn't want people to get it twisted. The term may fully identify with her character Jess, but doesn't necessarily fully describe Deschanel.

While Deschanel has so much appreciation for all of her success, including New Girl, she divulges that she doesn't think any of her friends would ever actually use the term "adorkable" to describe her.

Although it can be difficult for fans to separate an actor from the character they portray, Deschanel wants to remind us that is a multi-dimensional human being containing various characteristics and personalities. Deschanel states:

"It’s dangerous to start worrying or pandering too much in either direction. Some people get so caught up in one version of themselves and then, that blatant rejection of what people think of them -- like the band who doesn’t want to play their No. 1 hit or something -- isn’t healthy. It’s also not healthy to over-identify with it either. I’m just kind of neutral -- I’m an entertainer, and I do different types of things to entertain people, but ultimately when I make a choice, I’m making that choice to challenge myself and do something that seems like it would be interesting. That’s my philosophy."

As Deschanel returns to the world of indie film with her newly released film titled The Driftless Area, she describes the experience of taking a break from her character on New Girl as a "stretch" as well as a return to playing multiple different characters at a time. It premiered this past Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Zooey Deschanel wants us to know that while she is adorkable, she is also strong, she is silent, she is loud, she is sweet, she is timid, she is sexy, and any other adjective you want her to be. She is an incredibly talented actress, after all.

[Source: Huffington Post]


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