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Before reading this article, you should probably make sure that you have seen the Batman V Superman teaser trailer:

Seen it? Good. Now we can begin...

For a while, there have been rumors going around that Doomsday will make an appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While I would love for this to both be true and have Doomsday play a major role in the film, others are hoping that his role is just a small appearance, if any appearance at all. However, I have come up with a possible fan theory that could make Doomsday possible and awesome!

In order for the fan theory to make sense, I will be stating the widely believed rumors and set photos that have been taken that could both prove that Doomsday will be in the movie and lead to figuring out the movie's plot. The evidence is as it follows:

  • Set photos appearing to have people gathered around in sadness of someone's death (photos on
  • Rumor that General Zod's body will be taken by Lex Luthor and experimented on, which results in the creation of Doomsday

Also, here are some of my theories, some of which are based on what we have seen (and heard):

  • The Superman Statue is a memorial of Superman (the statue is confirmed, the memorial side of things, the memorial part is my theory), which would imply his possible death.
  • Doomsday would be a good reason for the Justice League to form, whether Superman dies or not.
  • My interpretation of that epic camera shot of Superman flying in the sky with someone reaching out to him (in the trailer), is that someone is experiencing a resurrected Superman (after all, Zack Snyder won't hesitate to make Superman look like a Christ-like figure).
  • Some people speculated the people reaching out to Superman in the trailer were celebrating Dia de los Muertos... Day of the Dead, of which that scene would make the most sense to me if Superman had died and resurrected.

Based on the evidence (and the presented theories), here is my fan theory for the appearance of Doomsday (potential spoilers):

While Batman and Superman still hate each other, Lex Luthor experiments on General Zod's body, which results in the creation of Doomsday. When Doomsday escapes, Superman flies off to stop him, and dukes it out in a battle that will take both of their lives. With Doomsday dead, more people deem Superman a hero; even though a good portion of the crowd still sees him as a false god (hence the vandalism on the Superman "memorial"). Superman's death inspires the other superheroes of the world to form the Justice League together, which causes the world to warm up to superheroes a little more. Later, Superman come back from the dead, revealing himself to the whole world (hence the Dia de los Muertos, probably in Mexico), and then to join the Justice League (and be made the leader).

Well, that's my theory. How Superman resurrects from the dead is up for debate, but I'm counting on his death being in the hands... I mean, claws of Doomsday.


What do you think? Will Doomsday play a main villain in BvS?


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