ByJovan Rodriguez, writer at

I woke up in a strange place I did not know where i was at I was looking around and then, I looked up in the sky and saw a smile face sun I look at it strangely. After a couple of minutes I got hungry. I saw a boll of pink stuff the boll said custard, I did not know what custard was so I did not care and I ate the custard. it started to get a little bit darker and then i looked up in the sky and saw the sun's face turn to a normal face like this :|. I did not know why he made that face so I just, tried to ignore it.

I was walking a little bit more I saw something purple so i ran towards it and while i was running towards it i was saying, Hi! But that was my biggest mistake, the Slendytubbie turn around and said, I'm going to kill you. Then after that when he said that I turn around and ran as fast as I could but for some reason the slendytubbie was faster than me. Then I saw a house and I ran towards that house. I looked at the window and saw the slendytubbies face in the window I saw a sword i dash to the sword to pick it up, in my head i was saying i'm going to run out there and try to stab him in the stomach.

I open the door and started dashing towards the slendytubbie, I stabbed him in the stomach with the sword then I pull out the sword then chop of his left arm. While I was going to chop off his left leg he grave me with his right hand and brought me down to the grown I tried to get up as fast as I could and chop of his other leg so much blood was everywhere. Then while he was growing I chopped off his right leg, the only thing left was his right hand. I dashed towards him but unexpectedly I fell in a pile of spikes and the slendytubbie grave me and started to eat my corps and when he was finished the drop me in the floor.



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