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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

[Ant-Man](movie:9048), a film that is not generating a whole lot of buzz, good or bad, and i'm not quite sure why. You would think in today's age that we would be hearing more hype around such a big time character's debut film. Now that being said, the movie will have moderate success as far as most films go, it will definitely make a healthy profit but in terms of the standard that superhero films are usually held to, this one may be a disappointment.

Paul Rudd's Ant-man Suit
Paul Rudd's Ant-man Suit

Why is there not much hype?

I'm not really sure why Ant-Man is being swept under the rug as just another middle of the pack action film. You would think that as an original Avenger, Ant-Man would be receiving a lot more hype considering it being his first on-screen appearance. The general comic fan will most likely go to the theatre and watch this movie, maybe not the mid-night premiere, but they most likely will see it pretty early on in its initial release. Ant-Man is not being put in a position to be a household name across the world much like the other members of The Avengers.

Are people just not excited for Paul Rudd?

Paul Rudd will play the role of Ant-Man
Paul Rudd will play the role of Ant-Man

Paul Rudd will be playing the second incarnate of Ant-Man Scott Lang. While I haven't heard any negativity per say, I haven't exactly heard anything positive either. While Paul Rudd is not starting an uproar throughout the fans, he isn't exactly sparking up anyone's interests. I can understand why Paul Rudd, the comedian now turned action star may bring some speculation as to whether he will be fit to play the role of Ant-Man, but he isn't even garnering much speculation, really just no talk at all. This film isn't beginning any conversations it as to whether the film will be acceptable or not on an immense scale. It's the age old saying, bad publicity is better than none at all, and it this instance in particular, it may be actually need some to survive.

Did Marvel get the release date wrong?

Marvel is trying to push Ant-Man as the next big summer blockbuster. It doesn't really have that kind of firepower to compete with the likes of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four. This is a BIG reason why we haven't been hearing much pertaining to Ant-Man. We have been preoccupied with Avengers: Age of Ultron clips and Fantastic Four trailers that we have forgotten about a very important piece in Marvels plan. This is a really big blunder on Marvels part, with so many films coming up its going to be tough for Ant-Man to remain relevant for some time to come.

Why we should still be excited for Ant-Man

Ant-man is good to go!
Ant-man is good to go!

With all of the other great films set to be released soon, it has been very easy to forget about Ant-Man. We shouldn't succumb to this however, we should still all support the Ant-Man and provide it with the shine it may or may not deserve. I am a believer in Paul Rudd's ability to pull of a character such as Scott Lang. Rudd will be able to sprinkle in his sense of light comedy along with his rendition of Ant-Man. This film is the beginning of Marvel's "Phase 3". This means that we will eventually see yet another original Avenger joining the team on the big screen. Any comic fan should rejoice in the fact that Marvel is continuing to add new pieces to the Avengers team to keep things fresh and true to the comics. If you have not seen the recently released Ant-Man trailer, I highly recommend it. We get our first look at the primary villain of the film, Yellow Jacket. I can honestly say that Yellow Jacket alone gives us enough to be excited about. I am a big fan of the suit as well, I think they did a very good job implementing a more modern look to the suit and it works very well. The suit is also used to great effect in the actions scenes, which seem to be fast paced and exciting to watch.

There is a lot to be excited about for this film. Unfortunately it seems as if its fate will be sealed due to the fact it just wont do as well as the other blockbuster coming out around that time. I personally am excited to see what this film has to offer, and there are a good amount that feel the same, it just really isn't receiving the hype necessary to compete financially with other top of the line summer flicks. While yes it is very unfortunate, it could have been avoided, i think if the schedule was not so cluttered with other big name superhero films it would receiving much more attention, but sadly it somehow didn't fit into future scheduling. It is a shame, for an original member of The Avengers not being pushed as much as other films into popularity is very depressing. Only time will tell if Ant-Man will be on the pedestal of popularity like other films like it before have or if it will shrink down into irrelevance.

How do You think Ant-Man will Fare?

How do you think Ant-Man will preform commercially and critically? Let me know down below in the comments and thank you for reading!


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