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As we've seen in [The Flash](series:1068303), Cisco Ramon, the plucky best friend and scientific sidekick to Barry in the show, has had his fair share of action. And, coincidentally, he has certainly been involved with a lot of sonic devices. First, we see in tonight's episode that the Black Canary wants Cisco to do some tinkering with a sonic device from her sister. Then, we see Cisco get blasted with sonic waves courtesy of the Pied Piper from a couple episodes ago.

Now, I'm not saying that those super-sonic waves were going to turn him into the meta-human he was written to be, but it certainly paves the way for what's in store for the future, I hope. Actually, in a way, we've already seen a little bit of Vibe's costume turn up. And if you don't believe me, watch this look ahead trailer of The Flash from Paleyfest 2015, note, fast forward then pause at 1:19 (or just look at the picture).

Doesn't that almost look like the goggles his New 52 counterpart wears?

All we need is.....the rest of the suit.
All we need is.....the rest of the suit.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, maybe it's not; all I can say is this kind of makes me feel ready for what's ahead on The Flash.

Who needs a superhero who can fly, when you got a superhero who's got the power of sonic vibrations? Then again, if he propels his vibrations the right way or if he can use his power to sustain flight, then he can be classified as a flyer or at least a glider.

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