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So when I started thinking about writing a post about a Horror movie I almost made this a breakdown of the scariest movie to hit Hollywood since the original Exorcist debuted. I'm talking about the upcoming comedy entitled "[Spy](movie:1005938)". It's about a desk-bound CIA analyst who goes undercover to stop some arms dealers, and preventing a global disaster.

Melissa McCarthy in Spy
Melissa McCarthy in Spy

Sounds safe enough for a good action/comedy popcorn flick right???? But this is were we disagree what could be more terrifying then leaving the fate of the world in the hands of Melissa Mcarthy? That is the scariest thing since the dog in the intro to the Goosebump's TV show from the 90's, I still don't trust dog's to this day and I'm going on 32 years of age.

Alright now down to the business at hand, How the Insidious series restored my faith in the Horror genre. Horror movies for me have been nothing if not awful in my opinion for the last 10 or 15 years, even if fan and critical reviews say otherwise I have been burned to many times with the tease of edge of your seat or you won't sleep tonight that I just abandoned the genre all together. But then I watched Insidious and although it didn't send me running to my parents house to hide under their bed, It did have enough shocks and thrills in it to keep me pleasantly uncomfortable at times which is a feat I must say. So I'm gonna List some of the things that Insidious got right and hopefully you will agree...

This may contain some mild spoilers for Insidious 1 and 2 I apologize in advance if you haven't seen the movies yet.

The Soundtrack

Most of the more recent horror movie's I have seen have completely ruined any chance they had at being good by having a terrible score accompanying it. Death scene's, chase scene's, end credits, everything full of hard rock or heavy metal. Don't get me wrong I am a lover of all kinds of music with bands like Avenged Sevenfold and In This Moment playing on heavy rotation in my playlist I can appreciate some headbanging, guitar shredding tunes, but nothing captures the pure desperation and fear of the unknown then silence or just some ominous horns playing low in the background and slowly rising to a climax as someone's soul is swallowed into the abyss.


The vast majority of horror movie's take place at night, but night and darkness aren't the same thing. Moon light, camp fires, flash lights are always there to cut into void that surrounds the victims in most films. Where Insidious gets this part right though is in "The Further" as it is know in this world. When Josh Lambert who is played by Patrick Wilson has to go into the "Further" to retrieve his son he has know idea what he is getting into and neither does the viewer. you don't have the crunching of leaves or the flicker of lights off in the distance to tease whats to come you have darkness and silence to help to enrich the creepiness and desolation that is being felt by Lambert as he explores this unknown realm. I for one am not afraid of the dark but anyone who has been in the pitch black before with no source of light and no real since of direction will tell you it can feel overwhelming. If you don't believe me go in the attic or basement or something similar blindfolded have some people rearrange some stuff in their and try moving around with know help. Darkness has a thickness about it that can distort your sense of direction and your equilibrium. At times this movie gave me those feelings before almost making me jump out of my seat with some pretty obvious but still well placed scares.

No Over The Top Death Scenes

Saw had a great thing going for it for the first two movies in my opinion, but by the time the 36th or however many movies their were I was just bored with the gratuitous death's they had through out each installment. In my opinion Brains splattered across the floor doesn't equate to fear, seriously movies like Saw, Hostel, and other's along those lines are more laughable then scary... I might need to see a shrink about that one, I don't think laughing at a woman who loses her head to a shotgun collar is normal. But I digress when John strangled Elise at the end of the second Insidious that was a scarier moment then when Jason Vorhees put a guy through a wood chipper in the 2009 Friday the 13th movie.(Which by the way could have been called don't smoke my weed or have sex in the woods or i'll kill you and probably got better ratings) That brings me to my final point...

No Sex For The Sake Of Sex

Now as a Hot blooded young man I enjoy a romp just as much as the next person but when I go see a movie about demon possession or someone hunting people down to mount their heads in his study I don't need to see the stereotypical college coed pre-death orgy routine every single movie. I get the fact that most horror movies like to play on the depravity of man-kind but their are plenty of things they could use to showcase how hopeless and helpless we are then the traditional 19 year old girl giving it to her jock boyfriend in the haunted house, its getting old.


Long story short Insidious has created some truly squeal like a girl moments by moving outside of the 90's-2000's mold of almost snuff film quality horror movies, by building solid character's with good actor's who can carry a story with their cloths on and guts inside their bodies. I can only hope [Insidious: Chapter 3](movie:1117428) can continue this trend even with a different director.

What do you guys think, any horror movie's make you cry for mommy?


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