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I love Captain America, Thor and pretty much everything MARVEL related
Matt B

Yes, it is I, Matt. I am writing this because of a recent Fandom quiz I took here on Moviepilot called, "What Fandom do you belong in?" Well, it wasn't that shocking to me that I got Superheroes. I have a love for all of them. To Batman and Captain America, to Star Lord and Moon Knight. There is a worldwide love for these fictional comic book characters. It is because lots of the fans grew up with them in their childhood, and loved watching them come to life on TV or in movies.

Most fans of Marvel and DC are alike. They have a passion for learning news on what movies or tv shows will be made based on their favorite characters. There are thousands of websites made solely for superhero news.

And now they are getting back to their height of popularity due to the success of recent tv shows like Arrow and The Flash and popular movies like Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. I think people are coming back to their childhood roots of fun comics with role models and stories that filled their imaginations.

Adults and kids love seeing and waiting to see how a superhero or villian will be interpreted or displayed on screen. The anticipation builds everyday for new info on movies coming out in 5 years or 1, but it's all the same. People still can't wait. But we all have to admit, when we saw the Batman vs Superman trailer, a movie that doesn't come out till next summer, we were all like....

What I am getting at in this article is that as long as there is a strong fan base for this genre of movies and tv, it cannot lose its popularity. No matter if you are DC or Marvel, you love watching and listening for superheroes and all that has to do with them.

Best of both worlds
Best of both worlds

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