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I guess if you've read my articles for the past few months, you're probably going "Duh!" I mean, that's pretty much what I've been writing about for the past many months.

Here are some reasons why I was told I was all about superheroes:

The person I would join for dinner was James Gunn and his pet raccoon

I mean, hello? Who wouldn't want to join this guy and his lovable sidekick for dinner. Just don't eat anything that came from his family tree. Or he will go all Rocket on your tail. And that's a bad thing, if you didn't catch my drift.

If I were on a deserted island, the movies I would bring are Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy

They make the perfect group, wouldn't you agree?
They make the perfect group, wouldn't you agree?

A billionaire playboy in a suit of armor mixed with a dead saxaphone player revived as a ruthless warrior, a genetically-mechanically altered raccoon with excellent firepower, a half-human half-alien royal bounty hunter, and a warrior adopted by the mob boss of the galaxy. Tell me that doesn't mix!

One of my favorite articles here on MoviePilot has been about the 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' trailer leak online!

I've been about comics all my life, and, above all else, this has to be the most epic battle of superheroes. Other than Iron Man vs. Captain America about the same time next year. The ultimate question is partially answered. Though, fans today already know their answers. We'll see who will be the victor. To the victor goes the spoils, I always say.

My favorite game of all time is Batman: Arkham Knight!

Straight answer, no question. And would you take a look at this guy's suit? Who needs a cape and a cowl when you have paramilitary-style pants, possibly Kevlar vest, and a lighter-looking utility belt, with a better looking helmet. I'm game, are you?

I'd go to Deadpool at a themed party!

Is that Jared Leto?
Is that Jared Leto?

I honestly wouldn't care for what theme it is, I'd still go as the psychotic, taco-loving mercenary. Tacos anyone?

I would have been suspended for constant tweeting of the new Avengers trailer

Forbes can kiss my right behind if they think that this movie is a (and I'm quoting them) "Galactus-sized dissapointment". It's a chapter of the Avengers' story like we've never seen before. Who wouldn't want this movie in their collection for years to come?

I'd take my Infinity Gems from my burning room

Excellent choice, boy.
Excellent choice, boy.

You have ultimate power at your fingertips. You're better off with the Infinity Gems than what other junk I could have saved. I could just get new stuff with the Infinity Gems, anyway.

And that's why I'm all about the superheroes! Up, Up, and Away!


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