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With CinemaCon happening, various studios are talking about their film slates and what-not. One of those studios happens to be Warner Bros. who decided to change their tone a bit when it came to the releases of their DC Cinematic Universe film slate. Saying now when it comes to DC Comics film slate that they'll release 'at least' 10 films from 2016 - 2020

IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros have signed a multi-picture deal to release up to 30 films through 2020. In those 30 films include all the DC films such as Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad etc. But they also include films such as The Lego Movie 2, Fantastic Beasts, Godzilla 2 and more! All up that's only roughly 15 - 20 films, but what if WB decides in all their wisdom to release more films before 2020 to fill up that quota?

Say for example, if Suicide Squad does really well at the box office and is popular with the masses. Then you know what that means? Sequels sequels sequels!! Same goes for any of the other DC releases such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash. Justice League has already been slated to have a sequel so why not any of the other films on the slate?

And besides, there's been no mention of any Superman or Batman solo movies except that they're 'somewhere in the foreseeable future' so who knows when those will come out. Perhaps after the first Justice League film? Whatever happens, at least we know that the next 5 years will be filled to the brim with Superhero goodness...or the opposite of good. Which is bad.


Are you excited for more than 10 DC films?


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