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Lately, we have been seeing many new characters on the show such as the Bug-Eyed Bandit and the Atom ( mostly a part of Arrow) just to name a few. So for that, I give you 4 characters we expect to see in CW's [The Flash](series:1068303).

#1- Wally West A.k.a Kid Flash

Wally West is mostly famous for being the iconic sidekick of the Flash (Barry Allen), Kid Flash. According to many sources, we are guaranteed to see Wally West later in the show.

#2-Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla may be more realistic than this
Gorilla may be more realistic than this

Ah, one of my personal favorites; Gorilla Grodd. Grodd is one of the Flash's many villains and also a kinda powerful one. We have already gotten a peak at Grodd in previous trailers and even an easter egg.

#3- Vibe A.k.a Francisco "Paco" Ramon

(Although this is not a new character it's still a big change). Most of you already know that Cisco has a pretty cool future ahead of him. In the comics our beloved latino character is mostly known as the Vibe. His powers enable him to create massive shock waves and shatter many strong elements. Now it may look as he is fan favorite Cisco from the show, but crazy thing...... it is not confirmed that they are the same person.

#4- Caitlin Snow A.k.a Killer Frost

Major spoilers ahead, if you don't already know about Killer Frost. (Also not a new character, but a big change)

As some of you may know, our sweet dear Caitlin is not so sweet after all. After H.I.V.E agents were trying to kill Dr. Caitlin Snow, an incident occurred that gave Snow powers that not only almost killed her, but forces her to be blasted by Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein) to maintain and heal her condition.


Who are you most excited to see on the show?

The Flash is on every Tuesday night on The CW!
The Flash is on every Tuesday night on The CW!

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