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When I was a little boy my father always showed me how to survive the wild. He always protect me when there is a monster. When I was in the age of 20 my father said, i cant help you anymore my son because i'm going to the nether place so I can die. Before my father left to go to the nether he gave me an iron Golem, diamond sword, diamond armor, bow, arrows, diamond pixaxe, diamond hoe, diamond axe and a house to live in. He said, goodbye son I will see you in the next life.

When he left I cried for a couple of minutes and went inside the house he gave me. I was exploring the house and i started to forget about my dad it felt like he never existed anymore to me. I started to get hungry so i walked out of my house and started killing pigs, cows, sheep and chicken. After I had I good meal I saw a horse and a donkey I grave both of the animals so I can take them home. It started to get dark and I was to full to fight so I made my iron Golem stay out side and protect me so I can go to sleep.

When I woke up I said to my self i'm going to sleep till night time so I can kill monsters. I did not know why but I liked it a lot. I kept doing it every single day killing 2 zombies 3 enderman 4 creppers and 20 wolfs. For some reason I wanted to die. I said I wanted to kill the strongest person there is.

One day I did the impossible I was going to kill 800 zombies. I started killing them very badly when I was in my 798 zombie my sword broke and I grave one of the zombies and started beating the crap out of it with my bear hands.What I did with the other one is, I had I bucket of lava with me and I grave the zombies face and put it in the bucket of lava. The zombie died in 20 seconds.


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