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[The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) trailer recently released has given us hope that we are in for a hell of a summer ending flick this year. Just the visual effects alone make this a must see when it finally is released. Of course, everyone is still buzzing about the obvious changes made to the FF origins. The biggest change of course is the modern take of the Storm family. The new direction has turned off some fans and made others lukewarm towards the new movie.

Franklin and Johnny Storm are African-American; Susan Storm is the white adopted daughter. Quite a change in course from the comic origins, but doable nonetheless; ain't nothing wrong with mixing things up for a dying franchise. Make no mistake; the Fantastic Four is dying off. There is no buzz whatsoever about the new movie. Most fans just want to talk about Avengers, Batman/Superman, Star Wars, Daredevil, and Arrow/Flash on CW. The new FF movie gets a mention here and there. As far as the books are concerned, it’s all dead in the water. The “First Family” is quickly becoming lost in the mix.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm
Kate Mara as Sue Storm

This movie can reinvigorate the franchise for FF fans, or kill it completely until Marvel Movies gets the rights back from Fox/20th Century. The life of the Fantastic Four will rely on the success of this new origin formula, which also means how well Michael B Jordan is accepted as The Human Torch.

I have no doubt in my mind that Michael B Jordan is worthy of the chance to bring a new chapter into the history of The Human Torch. Will it be enough to make naysayers believe in this new take on Johnny Storm? 20th Century/FOX hopes so. We've had a black Spidey, black Captain America, and a female Thor. War Machine is black, Falcon is black, etc. Get the point. Even though the backgrounds are different, the core character of what makes a superhero hopefully will be there when Michael B Jordan says “Flame On”!

Now let’s give credit where credit is due, the visual effects are hitting on all cylinders. The new trailer made sure to highlight that fact. There are no complaints so far on how Torch looks like when the flames are roaring. Although it looks like in one of the shots that he uses a specialized suit to control his “flame-on” mode.

Of course, in modern movie times where fans appreciate a little bit of “realism” in every superhero movie, this modification to the Torch’s power might make sense once we understand the full scope of his power. This FF movie looks like it is dipped in scientific theory rather than just “make believe”.

The rest of the cast also looks really good. The new trailer finally gave us a nice look into the face of Doom. When you watch the trailer, listen for the report where it mentioned only “four” survivors instead of five. It looks like we have possibly another origin story change to look forward to regarding Victor Von Doom. We're wiping the slate clean here.

Dr Doom!
Dr Doom!

We saw a bit of tension in the trailer between Victor Von Doom and Johnny Storm; as well as some humor between the two. We also got a glimpse of the relationship building between Reed and Johnny, as the two brothers celebrate another milestone in their scientific relationship. The movie is flavored with a “college grad” feel since the cast is fairly young. Hopefully this will refresh the franchise rather than bring it down.

The world also got a chance to see Susan Storm show off her power, creating a large force field with some kick to it. Jennifer Alba might have to give up the ghost here; Kate Mara is looking really impressive as the new Invisible Woman. It’s almost eerie on how much she resembles Susan Storm in the books, if they excluded the DD size breasts and all that girl-muscle of course.

We also were treated to some stretch action from Reed Richards. Both trailers revealed very little on the powers of Mr. Fantastic. Maybe as we get closer to opening day we'll be treated to something more? It leaves one to wonder if they intend to focus more on Reed Richards extraordinary mind more than his stretching ability.

The other major factor that will determine the way fans react to the new movie is Ben Grimm. THE THING at least in my opinion looks sooooo good! Sorry Michael Chiklis, but this may be the defining version that we have waited for such a long time! The Thing in this trailer warrants ticket sales. The Thing in this trailer looks like he can give the Hulk a “real fight”.

In the end however, a lot of the success of this new FF franchise will rest on the shoulders of the Human Torch. Out of the lineup, the alterations made to him will spell success or doom for the movie, and anything else that follows. Michael B Jordan is a talent, no doubt about it, but will he BE the Human Torch we all want him to be?


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