We have now seen the trailer for this Summer's Fantastic Four reboot. In one seen, if you may notice, shows a short clip of the Latverian doctor turning to the camera. I have to say, the details on his metallic face is quite detailed along with his green cloak.

Another thing you may notice is the scene where the crew is in a seperate dimension and Reed Richards (Miles Teller) falls down a steep cliff. It then shows him crawling through ship debris and flames in his torn hazmat suit. In the comics, this is the location where the crew gets there powers. This is all Reed's invention, and another reason why he joins the crew.

Of course you may know this, but the squad is made up of 4 super heroes. One is Mr.Fantastic, who has the ability to stretch like elastic. One is Invisible Woman, who can turn invisible and control force fields. Another is Human Torch, who has the ability to erupt into flames and control it to shot balls or beams of fire. Not to mention that he can fly, too. Finally is the muscle of the team, Thing. Thing had the most of the expirement, after turning into basically a living boulder that has the strength of the Hulk.

A movie poster
A movie poster

One thing I noticed is something crazy. At one part in the trailer, it shows Johnny Storm, or Human Torch attack Sue Storm, Invisible Woman, with a fire ball. Luckily, she blocked it just in time. But what is up with that! One, they are on the same team, and two, they are brother and sister! I don't if this was just a training, or if one of them actually turns to the dark side. But Human Torch seemed the most aggresive, so if one turns, my theory is that it will be him.

Another thing, in the movie, it is possible that the team or just Human Torch and Invisible Woman go missing, because their dad says a quote saying:

Don't stop until you find my children. -Sue and Johnny Storm's Dad

So maybe this goes back to me saying when the team goes in to the seperate dimension. It could be possible that the team gets stuck their, and is left to fight for survival. Could this also be where they meet Dr. Doom? Also, it shows some of the heroes in action in that dimension, like Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, stretches his arm to catch a falling rock tower.

Also to add, some history on Human Torch, in the movies of The Fantastic Four in 2007, the actor of Human Torch is our well known Chris Evans. Yes, the actor of Captain America was once Human Torch. Also, in the game Lego Marvel Superheroes, an achievement is "Don't I Know You?" This is accomplished when you play as Human Torch and Captain America in co-op. This is supposed to refer to Chris Evans playing both characters.

One opinion grows from me watching the trailer: THIS IS WILL BE EPIC


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