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I know I JUST posted a Fantastic Four theory fairly recently (it's been like a day or two), but I absolutely love theories, and the many mysteries of this film keep me intrigued! So much so that I have to write another! This theory was partially inspired by my Dr. Doom origin story theory, but I'd be lying if I said that that was the only inspiration.

This theory is actually heavily inspired by a conversation me and Bobby Burns (check out his YouTube too) had about the film. As you might know, Josh Trank is working on this film, and Trank's last superhero flick was Chronicle.

The cool thing about Chronicle is that the main characters in the film were close friends, and actually had fun with their powers. Bobby was telling me that he had hoped that the F4 would be close friends, like the guys in Chronicle, but that he didn't really see how they could with what's going on in the movie. What's going on in the movie?

Doom of course.

Dr. Doom is set to wreak havoc on the team. With such a powerful antagonist after them, they'll of course have to band together, but that doesn't really mean they'll be the best of buds. Teamwork and friendship are two different things, but it's something that the Fantastic 4 had both of in the comics, and even in the previous films. The team were given enough time to become close friends and actually have a reason to work together. That doesn't seem to be the case here, as in the trailer, it looks like they're forced to fight Doom immediately after recovering in the hospital.

Sue Storm in the hospital.
Sue Storm in the hospital.
Doom attacking the hospital the F4 are in.
Doom attacking the hospital the F4 are in.

It's assumed that the F4 are in that hospital because of they're recent escapades in the alternate dimension, which apparently left them near death, as well as granting them amazing new powers.

But what if that isn't the case? What if the hospital scene is actually much later on in the film? Here's how I see a part of the film playing out. My Doom theory is still a part of this, by the way, so anything I say here hopefully will not contradict it.

Ok, so Reed and the gang make it out of the alternate dimension wasteland, but not before losing a member (Victor Domashev a.k.a. Dr. Doom) and gaining insane powers. There is one thing I'd like to fix about my old theory: I don't think that Ben gets his powers when they go back in to save Doom, I think he gets them at the same time they do, by trying to get them out.

In my Doom theory, I talk about this scene in the trailer, and how I think that the man falling right there is Victor. This causes the others to think he's dead. But as I also mentioned, he's not. He simply fell into radiated lava and had his skin melted off and replaced with some form of metal. I still do believe that that's what happened, except for one minor detail.

I don't think that stuff down there is lava at all, but rather, it's the radiated rays that grant the F4 their powers. I think that Reed and the gang, while navigating this wasteland, come across the rays and realized that it was about to erupt. Reed and the others wanted to leave, but Victor wants to stay a little while longer. Why? Oh, every villain has the same reason really. Victor is just as smart as Reed, but Reed gets all the credit and glory while Victor is simply expected to follow his biggest rival's orders in this mission. He's obviously quite jealous of Reed, and so he wants to come back home with something that will make him the hero. And what better to put him in the spotlight than coming home with research and evidence of some form of new gamma radiation?

A lot actually. For one thing, Victor's "death." The ground starts crumbling and it's clear to even Victor that they need to leave. Ben, who's stayed behind, most likely at the request of Reed to keep an eye on the mission, notices that they're in danger. So he jumps in an extra pod and warps himself to their location! This is where things get really crazy. Because of Victor's delaying of the escape, they're not going to have enough time to get away, and yet they still scramble to get back to their pods. Reed and the others scale a mountain using rope while Ben arrives to help. But Victor's rope snaps, and though Reed struggles to hold on to his rival/friend, Victor falls. The reason I think Ben is there when this happens is because of a little detail I found in the trailer.

This is a scene shown directly after Victor supposedly falls to his... I'm not going to put a pun there but you know what I mean. See those two fellas in the suits? One is very clearly Reed Richards, but what of the other? At first I thought it was Susan, but I've been taking a closer look at the person and I'm convinced it's Ben Grimm. I could be wrong, but after looking at this frame and other scenes from the trailer with Ben in them, I'm convinced this is him. But anyway, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk more about what I actually wanted to talk about: their friendship.

As in, how apparent will it be? Like I said, it's assumed that they're attacked by Doom after exiting the alternate dimension. But I don't think that's the case. I think this movie will be subject to the most overused plot gimmick in cinema history: the time-skip.

But even though the time-skip is used a lot in film, I think it'll be good here, if it's used how I think it will be. After they escape the dimension and return to theirs, they aren't actually taken to that military hospital that we see in the film. No, they're left to fend on their own. Luckily, the changes in their bodies protect them and actually begin to heal them. Here's something cool I really hope I'm right about: Ben's transformation.

Me and three other super cool Creators (Bobby, Cassie and Nicholas) had a little chat with Fox, and when it got to the subject of Ben's character, they had this to say—

"Ben is such a tragic character, because he's the one most affected by the power obviously. There are a couple of scenes where its heartbreaking to see The Thing, watching a baseball game for example, looking longingly at the screen and seeing what he'll never become, and what dreams he'll never obtain. Jamie Bell does an incredible job of that."

So what we do know about Ben is that he's going to be the most affected by what happens to the team, both literally and metaphorically. All of his dreams have been crushed under a pile of rocks! But I think that we won't see the Thing right away, at least not in full form. See, Miles Teller's character, Reed Richards, is struck with guilt about what happened to him and the others. Victor's "death" and Ben's transformation have put a heavy toll on him, and as leader, he feels incredibly responsible.

"I just want to fix my friends"—Reed Richards.
"I just want to fix my friends"—Reed Richards.

In the comic source material, Reed tries desperately to fix Ben and get him back to the way he was. I think we'll see that, but in a slightly different way. Ok, now bear with me here, because I'm going to start to sound like a complete nutso if I haven't already. I think that Ben won't go full Thing right away. I believe it will be more like a spreading disease, slowly covering his body until he's completely made of rock. Why? we'll get to that, but first, back to how these chums become chums.

So the time-skip won't be a complete jet into the future. I think we'll see time go by as some key events happen. Reed will continue to try and fix Ben, feeling guilty and depressed because of prior events. Perhaps he'll even sport the trademark unshaven look of an estranged, hard-working and guilt-ridden man? Hm? If only we had a visual of tha—

BOOM! That is definitely some estranged man goatee that Miles Teller is sporting! Clearly some time has passed in order for him to have sprouted that facial hair. Anyway, moving on. Ben's condition is still spreading, despite Reed's best efforts. Imagine Jamie Bell, but with little pebbly patches of skin in certain places. Sue Storm, who we see in the trailer dislikes Reed, grows to feel sorry for him. In order to try and get him to stop thinking this is all his fault, she hangs out with him more, and even agrees to help him find a cure for Ben. Thanks to the Fox chat, we know that Johnny is actually the first to embrace his powers, even using them for fun.

Johnny will still thankfully have his cocky but lovable attitude that we've all known him for, and it's possible he'll be having the time of his life flying around like a comet! He'll most likely be the one to convince the team to not hide their powers, and to actually use them for the greater good. And yes I do believe that they'll hide these powers at first; after all, if you could stretch your body like 'Laffy Taffy,' would you go around telling people? That's a one way ticket to Area 51. Unfortunately, that's sort of what they get. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, the four are actually brought closer together by Victor's death and Ben's transformation, an event nicely shown in a time-skip montage of sorts. After the time-skip's over, we get back to the action! Like I said earlier, Johnny will most likely convince the others to form a superhero team and use their powers to help others. But now that they're out in the open, they've revealed themselves to everybody. Including this guy here:

Harvy Elder, a.k.a. the Mole Man, portrayed by Tim Blake Nelson. Nelson's character is described as an antagonistic government official. And while I don't think he'll become the Mole Man in this film, I do think he'll be up to no good. In the trailer, we see that he's pushing Dr. Franklin Storm (Johnny and Sue's father) to come up with something that will benefit the company, Baxter Industries. Well I think once the F4 reveal themselves to the world, that he'll realize that he just found that something.

Let's look at the hospital scene again. In one scene, we see Reed being monitored by some machine.

The machine seems to be scanning his arm, which is currently stretched out. In fact, from first and quick glance, it looks like all of the F4 are hooked up to machines that can monitor and scan their powers. But how can that be if the hospital scene is supposed to take place right after they get out of the dimensional wasteland? There's no way they already had specific machines for powers no one knew they would even get. Here's where I think this hospital scene lies.

So going back to my Doom theory, we see Reed scanning the dimension, out of guilt and scientific curiosity. Perhaps even to see if he can find something that can tell him what exactly happened to them. This is the part where he finds the anomaly that tells him Victor might still be alive. It's at this moment that they sneak into the lab, and journey back in to find him. But Victor's already gone full Doom, it's hopeless.

They battle their former comrade, but Doom gets the upper hand. They're forced to retreat; but Doom, having had enough of being in that place, follows them and escapes! The Fantastic 4 land back in the lab, where they're met by some lovely guards carrying guns. They are then taken to operation facilities, where Harvey Edler has generously set up machines to scan their powers...for whatever nefarious reason.

This is how they've got the machines already, because they had time to construct them. Who helped them make the machines? Why, a very reluctant Franklin Storm of course. Luckily, 'Daddy Storm' is also the one to free them, in an act of bravery! He frees them, but it's a little too late. As Doom has already descended upon the hospital!

Despite their best efforts, the guards can't stop his rampage! It's at this moment that the F4 decide that they have to take responsibility for this, together, and stop Doom! But wait, they're short one member? Where's Ben? Oh, you know, just...chilling in a rock cocoon.

Just a normal day in the life of a rock guy!
Just a normal day in the life of a rock guy!

Ben's machine caused his mutation to spread at a faster rate, rapidly changing his body. This causes him to go through a state of metamorphosis and encase himself in a shell made of rocks.When his friends are in danger, he bursts out of the shell and into action!

This would not only be cool to see, but it'd be absolutely perfect for the way that Fox is going with Jamie Bell's Thing. A mentioned before, this version of Ben is a lot more tragic than previous iterations. His dreams and ambitions, most likely of going pro and becoming a professional baseball star, are ruined thanks to his condition. Not only that, but his best friend blames himself for everything, and has put so much guilt on his back, it likely pains Ben to see Reed this way. Ben's transformation into full Thing represents him finally coming to terms with how his life is now, and doing the best with what he can. Immensely emotional character growth if I've ever seen it!

So I think that's it! That's my whole theory on how the F4 become close friends, what drives them to become friends, and what makes them become teammates; with all of the conflict along the way included!

So what did you think of my theory?

Tell me in the comments section below!


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