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Jared Suter

The story would be a little different but equally as great.

Michael De Santa palyed by Robert De Niro would be under witness protection as he is in the game but him and Trevor wouldn't hate each other as much.

Trevor Philips played by Billy Bob Thornton would only care about getting wasted, robbing what ever he can. and the "Big Score".

Franklin Clinton played by Michael Jai White like in the game would start out by just trying to make a name for himself and some money. He also happens to be a Kung fu street fighter on the side instead of stealing cars like in the game.

Lester Crest played by Rodert duvall would be (like in the game) the mastermind behind all of the heists.

Amanda De Santa played by Sandra Bullock would be Michael's wife.

Jimmy De Santa played by Jonah Hill would be Michael's son.

Tracey De Santa played by Teresa Palmer would be Michael's daughter.

Lamar Davis played by Nelsan Ellis will be Franklin's best friend.

Ron Jakowski played by Steve Buscemi would be co-owner of TP Inc.

Wade Hebert played by Paul Rudd would be Trevor's.... well anything he wants him to be.

Solomon Richards played by Michael Keaton would be the fast talking director and producer.

Dave Norton would be played by Tommy Lee Jones and would be Michael's witness protection officer for the past ten years.

Harold "Stretch" Joseph would be played by Anthony Mackie being Franklin and Lamar's soon to be enemy.

Steve Haines would be played by Will Ferrell, the somewhat serious crooked cop.

Martin Madrazo would be played by Danny Trejo, the cartel boss that Michael pisses off.

Wei Cheng would be played by Hiroyuki Sanada, the boss of a Yakuza family that Trevor pisses off.

Devin Weston would be played by Guy Pearce, the main antagonist of the whole movie.

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