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After a couple of days doing the impossible like killing 1000 skeletons or killing 5000 enderman or killing 9000 zombies I felt like I was ready for the nether where my father want's to die. But the problem was I did not know how to get to the nether. I saw a villager and asked him how to get to the nether. He told me everything how to get to the nether and when I was finished I grave him by the neck and started torching him. when I was finished I build the nether portal and went inside the nether portal.

When I went to the nether place I said to my self I know what my father said when he was going to die here. When I turn around I saw a pigman it look like half zombie half pig and there was an army of them. I said i'm going to kill them all I dashed towards one and chocked him so hard I broke his neck. The pigman drop a golden sword the rest I ether kicked them to or the lava punched them to the lava or beat the crap out of them. Then i started to kill all the blaza the gaust and the other mods. After 5 days there was nothing in the nether.

I saw something inside a building in the nether. I walked inside and saw someone who looks like me. I said, i'm going to kill you. I dash towards him but before I can lay a punch he elbowed me in the stomach and I flew in the air and whacked the wall and I fell I got up and told him hand to hand combat. I ran towards him and punched him as hard as I could then he flew to the wall. I dashed towards him and started chocking him as hard as I could then I broke his neck I thought he died but I was wrong. He left his hand and punched me to the wall and then he ran towards me and broke both of my legs. Then I felled to the ground and I started thinking what my father said to me and I think this is who he wanted to die by. Then the person who looks like me said, my name is herobrine and you are the second strongest person I fought the first one was notch but he was stronger than me. Then herobrine pulled out his sword and said, so much for trying to kill me. T hen he stabbed me.



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