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Hello all hero faithful. This is my first post so easy on the criticism. Anyway I've been following the MCU very faithfully and I was excited when I heard that Spider-Man was joining the cinema with the rest of the avengers. Specially thinking I would see Peter Parker in Civil War. I believe that the story line would now be more true to what we've read in the comics. However my disappointment came when I heard that Miles Morales would be taking the spot light from, a very much alive, Peter Parker.

When I heard this I thought it was a joke. I have nothing against Miles as Spider-Man; he does take up the mantel after your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man dies after having been shot, beaten and a truck blown up in his face. It was a very sad day for all who love Spider-Man. However, it was then and only then that Miles Morales took over. I don't believe it to be fair for Marvel to place him as Spider-Man right of the back. See in his final day as Spider-Man he had revealed his identity as he tried to fight Osborn, Electro, Kraven and Sandman. When I learned of this information I thought "ok, yes. Let's have Miles as Spider-Man but not before we say our final goodbyes to a well deserving Peter Parker." Then I thought to my self. How could we do this? Maybe a Sinister Six movie is an order. But seeing as how The Punisher shot Spider-Man while attempting to KILL Captain America it wouldn't really do the story justice. So I got to thinking, what If it happened during Civil War?

In the story line Peter has to choose between Ironman and Captain America. What if after showing his identity he switches to Captain's side and as he's fighting beside him, The Punisher (who is thought to be Skye's love interest in the first season of agents of shield agent Ward) shoots at Captain but ,like in the comics, Spidey takes the bullet. Though injured he continues the fight and one of Ironman blasters gets deflected of Captain's shield and hits a gas truck. Spider-Man rushes to stop it from exploding so not to harm civilians. And as he makes a Web shield and gets the people to safety the truck explodes fatally injuring our beloved hero causing his death. Before his final breath he kisses Mary Jane and says goodbye to a devastated aunt May... Also as I typed this it came to mind how Miles could be introduced to take over for Peter. Imagine if you could, the credit scene. After Peter's death (which miles witnesses on T.V) Miles comes in possession of the mask when walking into ground zero of the war. In future spidey appearances Miles now takes up the mantel of Peter.

Miles unsure if he can fill Peter's shoes
Miles unsure if he can fill Peter's shoes

I'm not against the thought of Miles as Spider-Man, I'm just saying lets lay Peter Parker to rest with the respect and dignity he deserves for paving the path for future Spider-Men...also the thought of Miguel O'Hara as the first latino Spider-Man isn't bad either. Have you seen his costume?!!!

Miguel O'Hara everyone
Miguel O'Hara everyone

So let me know, what do you think? Should Peter get a final goodbye fighting side by side with the Avengers? or should Miles just pop up like Peter never was Spider-Man?(which wouldn't give Miles a very good origin story)


Should Peter Parker Make his Last Appearance in Civil War before Miles Takes Over?


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