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Shad Allen Scott

To the guy walking behind me as we exited the theater after ALIEN VS. PREDATOR was finished,

You are a moron, and I pray you don’t procreate, creating child morons that will grow up to be a moron just like their father after decades of moron advice.

As we left the theater, herded like cattle down the tiny little hallway, you opened your mouth, and a specific arrangement of words came out that solidify you being a moron.

“I didn’t get why the Predator and the woman joined forces. That would never happen in a Predator movie”.

Just thought you should know that I, with absolutely no research going into the film (other than that I’ve seen PREDATOR several times, and PREDATOR 2 maybe twice. Since this incident I did see PREDATORS once), could immediately recognize that you were a moron. I’m no genius, but I do know that you were wrong, wrong, wrong. The Predators are not mindless killing machines like the Xenomorphs (although, to be honest, there’s gotta be something in them that makes them occasionally act intelligently), they are hunters, warriors.

Perhaps you hadn’t seen, or remembered PREDATOR 2. So I’ll fill you in. At the end, when Danny Glover has finally killed the Predator, a whole bunch of Predators show up, but not to kill Glover, or get revenge for their fallen Predator. They were just there to claim the body. The Predator lost, fair and square, and as long as Glover didn’t do anything to the other Predators, they were going to stay out of his business.

If you haven’t seen PREDATOR 2, I don’t understand why your ‘expert’ opinion was voiced, as though it would hold any weight at all. Hell, I’m no expert on Predator lore, but I know that much, at least. When Alexa proves herself an equal by killing one of the Xenomoprhs, the Predator recognizes her as a fellow warrior and treats her as such. He even goes so far as to mark her as such. Perhaps you, moron, weren’t paying attention to this scene. Perhaps you went to the bathroom or something.

Thanks for the laugh,

The guy walking out of the theater in front of you


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