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If you haven't heard, the new trailer for Star Wars Episode 7 just dropped. It. Is. Amazing! Now, I know that there are people out there who are skeptical about what this new series of films is going to do to the canon Star Wars universe, but be assured that if this trailer is what the movie is going to be like, I'm willing to buy my ticket now. Here is the trailer below in case you haven't seen it:

I would like to point out an interesting frame that comes up at about 0:52, where it looks like Anakin's light-saber is being passed down to a new Jedi. Although it could be debated on who's receiving the light-saber (I personally think it's Rey or Leia), I think it is more interesting on who is giving the light-saber:

Look Familiar? Maybe just a little?
Look Familiar? Maybe just a little?

An orange hand? Blue-white stripes that are seen from the corner of the shot? Might be someone who could have recovered the light-saber, and would have kept it all those years? Now, I know Ahsoka would have to be in her 60's at least to be around, but tell me there is no resemblance:

Now imagine her in live action and alittle older...
Now imagine her in live action and alittle older...

Here are a few good reasons for why she is a good choice:

1. Fans love her!

We do, and we show it. In this year's Star War's bracket: "This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament", Ahsoka was pitted against last year's winner Obi-wan Kenobi, she lost but by only an approximate 10 percent margin with a 41% - 59% vote tally. We love her because she brings forth something we all value at one time or another, kindness, bravery, and sharp wits being on top of the list. Honestly, I hated her when I first saw her on the show. I thought she would throw off all the films. Something inside me wanted to cling to the original series, where the film brought about complex ideas, following excellent story arch, and providing a sense of maturity as we saw a character grow. Ahsoka did all that, and that is why we love her. And whatever makes us buy tickets, is something the Disney execs would invest in. Now that you mention it....

2. Ahsoka could bridge the new "Rebels" TV series with the films

Disney has just acquired a new franchise, and it has seemed to figure out that sooner or later the small screen could help generate an audience for the big screen. If you want children growing up to watching your Star War films, you need to get the new generation on the hook. That's the role of [Star Wars Rebels](series:965946), and it's working. The question now is, how do you connect the two screens without giving much away about the other? How about using a minor character who is adored by fans? (See point 1...)

3. Ahsoka could play a small supporting role in Star Wars: Rouge One

Yeah, yeah I know they said no Jedi would be in this picture, but I don't think "Fulcrum", one of the leaders of the rebellion, wouldn't have nothing to do with this film. Just a thought. Once a commander, always a commander right?


What do you guys think? Do you think it's her?




I would also like to say that I do not own the trailer or any other star wars character, or anything in the star wars universe, including pictures and trademarked ideas. All of that is Disney's.


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