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It's an age old tradition for a superhero/comic fan. Pick a side: Marvel...or DC?

These battle lines drawn have existed for many decades, causing passionate fans to descend into heated argument, ferocious debate, and even a fist fight or two when it comes to the really obsessed enthusiasts. And then there are some that don't get involved in the debates and just openly say that they enjoy both Marvel and DC equally, like myself. I've been a fan of superheroes almost all my life, never sticking to a singular brand of comics or heroes, which is what brings me to this article I am writing.

As of late, with superhero movies really booming, I've noticed some similarities between some of Marvel's and DC's most popular heroes. And instead of just naming off what makes them similar, I'm going to make it more of a showdown, complete with a Tale of the Tape between each hero.

Now, I'm excluding whole teams and am instead going to focus on individual heroes. I may make another article about the teams somewhere down the road, so I plan to save it in case I do. And now...without further ado...I bring you the pinnacle of the Marvel and DC rivalry!

(cue dramatic voice)



Match #1: Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow

Both were trained to be archers and both were disciplined in their own ways to physical and mental peak. They incorporated all that they learned into their abilities and even modified their weaponry for various situations and scenarios.

Hawkeye was trained at a very young age by the criminals, Trick Shot and the Swordsman, to become a master archer. Although he started out as a criminal he eventually became a member of S.H.E.I.L.D. and The Avengers once he was reformed. His background almost mirrors that of Green Arrow, who was stranded on an island where he honed his archery skills and learned how to survive in the wild. He, much like his Marvel counterpart, went on to join the Justice League.

Both are flagged as the greatest archers in their universes and both have a near identical skill set. The question of which would win a battle is almost undecidable.


Who wins?

Match #2: Solomon Grundy vs. Hulk

It's the radioactive rage machine vs. the undead brute! One is already dead and can't be killed again, and the other's skin is like titanium and heals so fast that he can't be killed either. Although that seems like a pointless battle, they do not need to kill the other...merely subdue. But even then the idea of these two titans clashing leaves your mind in endless doubt of who would win.

Hulk was a scientist that was hit with massive amounts of gamma radiation during an unfortunate accident that left him an angry mountain of a man. His fits of anger would cause uncontrolled changes that would increase his size, strength, and speed. After he learned how to use his anger in his favor and he went on to become a member of The Avengers.

Now, unlike Hulk, who had a more scientific alteration, Solomon Grundy underwent a more supernatural transformation. On Earth-Two, a man by the name of Cyrus Gold was murdered and dumped in a swamp where his body reanimated from the toxicity and he became a mindless ruthless zombie. He adopted the nursery rhyme name of Solomon Grundy due him losing his memory and remembering only that he was born on a Monday like the rhyme states. It wasn't until he wound up on Earth-One that he became more beast-like in size and strength, thanks to being resurrected by the Parasite. His new found strength made him one of the very few that Superman states that he could not defeat him.

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday,
That was the end,
of Solomon Grundy.


Who wins?

Match #3: Deadshot vs. Bullseye

Two assassins who have never missed a shot. Two assassins that claim they're the best. But who is better? Whether you're in Marvel or DC, you don't want either of these two after you.

Now I can already tell there are some that are already saying that because Deadshot uses guns he automatically wins. Not true. See, Bullseye is the more acrobatic of the two, which is what allowed him to be a very tough opponent for Daredevil. So that in itself means he's more than capable of dodging a bullet. Bullseye is also more partial to blades or any other weapon he can throw. So if he runs out of knives, he can still use almost anything handheld at his disposal. Whereas if Deadshot were to run out of ammo, he would be caught dead in the water until he gets a hold of another weapon.

Deadshot, on the other hand, has a special eyepiece that allows him to make almost any shot from any angle and improvise at almost any given moment. So Bullseye would have to be on his toes with him at all times or he runs the risk of getting careless and being shot. And there is a reason he's called DEADshot. One shot is all he needs...


Who wins?

Match #4: Iron Man vs. Cyborg

Now here is where things REALLY start to get fun. These two are almost a dead on even match. Brain for brain, tech for tech. But as evenly matched as these two seem to be, they each have their weaknesses.

Where as Iron Man wears a suit, Cyborg's body is entirely synthetic and contains all his weapons with him at all times. But, as we saw in Iron Man 3, Tony does have the ability to program his suits so they can attach to him at will if he loses a part. But at the same time, Cyborg's body is supposedly made of almost indestructible metal. So how this fight goes is anyone's guess.


Who wins?

Match #5: Rorschach vs. The Punisher

Pardon the typo...
Pardon the typo...

One is full of psychotic anger...the other is full of vengeful anger. Which prevails?

This is probably one of the closest fights on the list. Both kill bad guys without mercy, and neither would hesitate to do it in public. The only real difference between the two is their background and motivation.

Frank Castle was an FBI agent that lost his whole family in a mob hit. He survived the slaughter, and he made it his soul purpose to 'punish' those that align themselves with evil. Not only is he trained to physical peak but he also has a very effective knowledge in hand-to-hand combat and has possession of almost every kind of firepower possible. He never slowed down in his vengeful odyssey.

In the other corner, we have Walter Kovacs. As a child he was intelligent. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and had a hard life with an abusive mother. When he grew older he became Rorschach and eventually developed a sort of split personality disorder, refusing to answer to his real name claiming that Walter was a kid who died long ago.

Rorschach is also trained to physical peak but he doesn't know any actual forms of hand-to-hand other than what he learned on the street when he was younger. But, unlike The Punisher, he is psychotic and much more aggressive than his Marvel counterpart.


Who wins?

Match #6: Quicksilver vs. The Flash

Who is the fastest man in the universe? In this case... that is not a question so easily answered.

Barry Allen, the scientist, and Pieto Maximoff, the orphan. Barry became fast from a lightning strike that hit him and covered him in various chemicals. Pieto was a mutant. Both men are dubbed the fastest in their universes. And both have good reasons to claim that title.

This also is one of the most evenly matched fights that made this list. This would be a fight for the ages....if we could only see how fast they were hitting each other, that is....


Who wins?

Match #7: The Vision vs. Superman

Had to throw this together in MS Paint
Had to throw this together in MS Paint

There weren't many in the DC Comics universe that stood a chance against Superman. Even few that have successfully beaten him. Most notably are Batman and Doomsday. But say if he were to fight someone from would have to be The Vision that gives him a run for his money and a fight for his life.

Although they do not seem like they are evenly matched, The Vision is more like Superman than a lot of people realize. Both men, for example, get the largest portion of their energy from the sun. They also have super strength. Remember, The Vision is one of the only people who can pick up Thor's hammer without any trouble.

Although some may say that Superman's heat vision would probably give him the edge, The Vision's forehead, which is a Solar Jewel, gives him the ability of shooting a heat beam that can reach up to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The battle isn't so one-sided anymore is it...?


Who wins?

Match #8: Black Panther vs. Batman

Now this is THE premiere showdown. These is without a doubt the two most evenly matched heroes that have ever been created. There are but two differences between Black Panther and Batman...that is 1) their ethnicity and 2) their choice of costume representation.

Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents being murdered when he was a child. His experience made him vow to avenge their deaths and to protect his city of Gotham from any who seek to cause harm. At his disposal, his wealth allows him infinite access to any kind of gadget or asset that he can think of. He wears an armor-like suit that resembles a bat. On top of this, he has a genius level IQ and is trained to physical and mental peak with a wide and vast knowledge of almost all known forms of hand-to-hand combat.

And, as if looking through a mirror, you have Black Panther in the Marvel universe.

T'Challa lost his mother at birth, and eventually his father was killed by an adventurer that wanted his tribe's Vibranium, which is a very rare metal that is almost indestructible. T'Challa warded off the attackers, and he swore that he would protect his tribe from those who would attempt to destroy it and its people. As he grew older and assumed leadership of the tribe, he became known as Black Panther. Given his position, he has access to all artifacts and weaponry that his tribe possesses, as well as the Black Panther suit, which is made of Vibranium infused fabric. As well as all of this, his body is conditioned to physical and mental peak, just like Batman's. Not only that, but he also has an unmatched knowledge of fighting techniques that are unknown to anyone outside of his tribe.

There is no way around this... these two are evenly matched to a tee. Motivation, training, and abilities are all mirrored between them. One can only imagine who would win the grueling fight between these two behemoths...


Who wins?

There it is...the two colossal superpowers known as Marvel and DC laid out before you. Who is mimicking who? Is this some sort of odd coincidence? What superhero fights do you want to see happen?

Leave your dream fights below in the comments!


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