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There are comic books out there that rarely ever catch a reader's or a large number of readers attention but some of the comics may be more worthwhile than initially thought. Missile Mouse, a comic book written by Jake Parker, is one of those rare under-appreciated gems that deserves more recognition as well as a shot at the silver-screen. The story, the characters, and the world created in the comic is nothing short of cinematic and could make for a well-crafted, humorous, sci-fi animated feature. Missile Mouse revolves around the GSA (Galactic Security Agency) and one of its top agents code named Missile Mouse who's a bit of a hothead and is currently investigating the kidnapping of a scientist by RIP (Rogue Imperium of Planets) which seeks to gain information about a weapon known as the Star Crusher.

Here's the basic plot synopsis for the first graphic novel:

A rough, tough space hero-who just happens to be a big-eared mouse-takes on the forces of intergalactic evil in this funny, action-packed graphic novel.

Missile Mouse, secret agent for the Galactic Security Agency, is a risk taker and a rule breaker, which is why he's in hot water at GSA headquarters. Then RIP, the Rogue Imperium of Planets, kidnaps a scientist who knows about the Star Crusher, a doomsday machine capable of destroying the entire universe.

Time to let loose the mouse!

The premise seems pretty clear cut. A GSA agent is trying to stop the bad guys from acquiring destructive and dangerous technology and possibly save the universe. All in a days work, right? Not quite. While there's that angle, there is also a more personal story about Missile Mouse and the psychology of his character and his reasons for joining the GSA in the first place. First off, his name, Missile Mouse, it's unclear if Missile is his real name or if his real name is kept secret from the reader until the final volume. Then, of course, there is the (spoilers!) death of his parents while in his youth. Because what makes a protagonist more compelling than killing off the people who raised them in the first place? Much like a certain Bat, Missile Mouse feels guilt and anger over his parents death and blames himself for not being able to save them from an untimely demise. But does he sit around moping all the way into adulthood? No. Instead he Joins up with the GSA to make a difference and deal with criminals on his own a certain degree. Still not sold on a movie about this character? Well, there's not much else to say about him other than the robot sidekick he's paired with in a later issue. That's when things get a bit more interesting. At the moment, there are no plans for a Missile Mouse feature film and no studio has bought the film rights...yet. Stay tuned for more updates.


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