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It's been about a week or so removed from the 2nd Ant-Man trailer and I've had time to think it over. Yes, it was a HUGE improvement from the 1st teaser that looked like any generic action trailer. In about a week [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) will be here but I keep thinking about poor old Ant-man.

Look, I'm not here to discuss the problems Marvel had with Edgar Wright or how we missed out at an amazing film Wright could've done. Around this time last year I posed the question will Guardians of the Galaxy be Marvel's biggest risk or reward? Although, at the time I knew 100% Guardians would be tremendous I honestly can't say the same for [Ant-Man](movie:9048).

Disclaimer- I want you guys to know that I WANT Ant-Man to be a great film. I want all Marvel Studios' films continue pushing the envelope and show Warner Bros. how to make superhero movies correctly. Also, when I mean bomb I don't mean lose money. I mean it will make a fraction of Avengers.

So I'm going to talk about the 3 worrisome facts that may make this film Marvel's first bomb:

The Ant-man costume
The Ant-man costume

1. Origins Story Getting Old

Something both fans and even Marvel Studios have addressed is that we are getting sick and tired of origins story films. We've seen it over and over again. Marvel talked that their Phase 3 will be totally different and I hope so.

Ant-Man has been in development since before Iron Man graced our screens and kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This script was made back when all the studio was working on was origins stories. Sure, comic book audiences will flock to the big screen because they trust Marvel Studios with all of their hearts but what about the general audience? Do they even care about another superhero learning his powers to save the day in the end?

Possible Solution: Make this the LAST origins movie and I mean LAST. I know Ant-Man can't be changed now it's already filmed but I'm hoping Marvel is done with that form of storytelling.

2. People think Ant-Man is dumb

Hate to say it comic book and Marvel lovers but the general public thinks a hero named Ant-Man is stupid. I know from experience. My fiance, her friends, my non-nerdy friends, family members, co-workers etc. Anyone I've personally met who isn't a huge comic book nerd like me thinks the whole idea is ridiculous.

"What does he do? Just shrink?" A question I've been asked at least 5 times since the new trailer dropped last week. Marvel Studios made a huge improvement by adding plenty of humor to the trailer. The bit with the Thomas the Tank Engine? Big LOL moment for me. That had to make everyone comic book lover or not laugh.

Possible Solution: Continue adding more and more humor into the trailers. Don't give away all the good jokes but his powers are kinda silly, make this movie acknowledge that more!

How dare you!
How dare you!

3. Paul Rudd has to follow the ENTIRE AVENGERS TEAM

No offense Paul Rudd. I love your work but you and the entire cast and crew have a tough act to follow. May 1st in about a week Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be hitting the screens and based on early reviews it's going to blow people's minds and blow away box office records. Part of me wishes Ant-Man could've been released in May then come July we'd get the second Avengers.

Fans are going to be on a huge high that they are going to compare the two films. That's like comparing Thor to Avengers. Sure, they are both good but which one had fans gushing? Paul Rudd vs. Downey Jr, Evans, Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Johansson, Renner, Spader just to name a few of them. That's a one-sided fight guys.

Possible Solution: Insert a kickass stinger for Ant-Man and/or drop a mind-blowing trailer a week after. Either of these can get the buzz rolling from May 2nd- July 17th.

What do you guys think?

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What will be Marvel Studios' first bomb?


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