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It was announced some time ago that former Star wars alum Hayden Christensen was selected to headline paramount's Upcoming Marco polo movie which is currently in development.The film is set to be directed by rob cohen and has been imagined as a fantasy action film. This comes as a surprise since christensen has a hard time finding acting gigs.The Story of Marco polo involves a European merchant and his 24 year old journey through china in the 13th century. Polo was considered crucial for introducing Chinese culture to the early Europeans.

Christensen has a world-wide following despite the amount of setbacks he has had with his acting career. It is believed that he landed the role due to his past involvement with the starwars movies.The studio seems to think that Christensen is capable of headlining this kind of film which means that they have alot invested in this movie.

There is currently a Netflix tv show about the famous traveler/merchant which puts pressure on christensen since his performance in this film will inevitably be compared to the performance of the actor appearing on the show.Christensen has huge shoes to fill if he hopes to break free of his box-office poison status and get back into the good graces of the movie-going public.

When the news first broke about this story there were many that immediately began to congratulate christensen for scoring a role in another big blockbuster film.His scores of fans continue to anticipate his new film but then there are those who feel that christensen is a bad choice for the role.To a particular majority christensen lacks the acting ability necessary to carry a film of this magnitude and could end up costing the studio a large some of money,however it is only fair that people simply give him a chance since he already has the role.


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