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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines
Collins Vincent

Inspector Gadget is one of those potential franchise starters that could have been better than what was offered. While the film did decent numbers at the box office it failed to showcase substance and quality storytelling. This is one of the few franchises that deserves a reboot in order to be fully realized as an exciting property that can deliver a memorable experience.

Inspector Gadget actually had a cool concept but struggled to connect with the audience on a number of levels. The film focused primarily on the humor and not on the story that was being told. While the gadgets were cool some of the scenes involving the use of the gadgets seemed a bit unnecessary or unfocused. The characters weren't as compelling or complex as they could have been since the comedy removed too much of the tension, especially between the hero and the villain.

Inspector Gadget seemed a bit too unfocused and weird to really have any lasting impact . The movie didn't really find the right balance of action,drama, and humor it needed to be effective which is why it produced a lazy direct to video sequel that no one really cared about. Inspector Gadget should have focused a bit more on the detective/crime solving aspects and relied less on the humor to drive the story forward. A reboot would be the oppurtunity to correct these mistakes and since the Rocketeer is getting another shot, Inspector Gadget should also be added to the remake list.


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