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Star Wars Celebration revealed a lot of details about Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens and put some rumors to rest as well as raising some interesting new questions about where things are headed. Let's take a look at what was revealed for Episode 7 including some new names for the Empire and the Rebels and what we know about this mysterious new desert planet that has played a big part in the footage that has been released so far.

The Empire vs The First Order

The new trailer for Star Wars Episode 7 featured our first real look at some of the major players in the new movie. Han Solo and Chewbacca may have been the highlight but the trailer also included Gwendoline Christie's "Chrome Trooper" aka Captain Phasma, a better look at Kylo Ren and his Darth Revan-esque helmet, and a very cool shot that shows off the insignia of the Empire's new look - The First Order.

The First Order takes center stage in Star Wars 7.
The First Order takes center stage in Star Wars 7.

We don't get the best look at the full insignia that is being used for The First Order but we can see that it is a modified version of the Imperial crest that has been used by the Empire in the past. The red and black sign that stands behind the mystery person at the center of the stage is definitely a striking image and the new trailer does a great job of building up the menace of this new First Order. The Empire may have had some setbacks following the death of Darth Vader and the Emperor but the The First Order is looking well organized.

The Empire's Contingency Plan

This name of the new Empire and the massive recruits that The First Order is being hinted at having may have to do with "Contingency Orders for the Grand Army" - a list of orders that Emperor Palpatine had put in place for just the kind of scenario we saw at the end of Return of the Jedi. According to Star Wars 7 News, the first order in the list of 1 to 150 is described as such:

Order 1, allegedly, would have applied not just to the military, but to Imperial civilians as well, mandating that “all citizens of the Empire may act by whatever means necessary to preserve the Empire from any threat, internal or external.” Therefore, the stage would be even more thoroughly set for a resurgent Empire to muster large numbers of willing recruits against the Rebellion/New Republic.

This could be the kind of propaganda that was sent out upon the fall of the Empire to implement fear and unite people against the Rebels and build up the ranks of Stormtroopers and keep the Imperial forces alive and well leading up to Episode 7.

The Rebels vs The Resistance

The Resistance is a name that popped up during Celebration when it was featured on some of the descriptions of props that were on display at the big event. The trailer all but confirmed that indeed we'll see Princess Leia having risen the ranks to become leader of The Resistance. While we didn't get a full reveal of Leia, we know that when Luke's narration lands on "sister" we see what looks to be Queen Leia being handed the lightsaber by someone in full bowing-before-royalty position.

Is this our first glimpse of Queen Leia?
Is this our first glimpse of Queen Leia?

The new Star Wars Episode 7 trailer hold back on just about as much as it reveals. We hear Luke Sywalker's voice but don't see him. We get hints toward a Queen Leia but only see what looks to be her arm. And even though there were rumors that we would see Domnhall Gleeson's "The General" or a better look at Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron - those proved to be nothing more than high hopes. But the new trailer did add a lot of fuel to the fire that Daisy Ridley's character will indeed turn out to be Luke's daughter - the new hope for The Resistance.

The New Planet of Jakku

One of the noteworthy reveals during Star Wars Celebration was that this desert planet we've seen so much of isn't Tatooine, as many has suspected. JJ Abrams clarified that the home planet Daisy Ridley's Rey is actually called Jakku. And since this announcement was made - some new rumors have emerged and some old ones that were floating around have gained some legitimacy.

The planet of Jakku is introduced in Star Wars 7.
The planet of Jakku is introduced in Star Wars 7.

In an interesting twist - it's revealed that Jakku was a desolate, uninhabited planet until a battle caused a Star Destroyer to crash land on the planet. The survivors of this crash are the one's who have set up a life and community on Jakku, with some, like Rey, turning to scavenging as a way to make a living. The fact that the Empire deserted these people have caused many, including Max von Sydow's character to grow resentful and turn against The First Order.

It's been revealed that the "Battle of Jakku" will be an early download for the new Star Wars Battlefront game as well - and there is already talk that the planet will be featured in one of the many books that are being released ahead of Star Wars Episode 7. So you'll have plenty of ways to get to know all about Jakku in the near future.

What do you think? Are the pieces falling into place for the new Star Wars trilogy? Is [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) making too many new changes and additions to the mythology or are you excited by the new story? Let your Wookie roar be hear in the comments below!


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