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This being the year of Mad Max, Jurassic World and Cinderella, 2015 seems like the opportune time for a movie franchise to revamp itself, starting anew with some fresh ideas and an overhauled style.

The aforementioned movies aside, there remains countless classic franchises out there just begging to be rebooted, and frankly I'm fed up of waiting for studios to get them pushed into production. Thus, it has fallen upon the shoulders of the die-hard fans out there to step up and deliver the remakes we've been yearning for - and my oh my have they outdone themselves!

The following short films happen to be some of the greatest fan-made movies I've ever come across, and provide glimpses into the untapped potential of dormant franchises just waiting to be re-made. Oh, and they also happen to be pretty damn dark! Take note Hollywood...

1. Predator Dark Ages

As we continue to wait for the sequel to Predators, short film director James Bushe has been busy bringing his own, startlingly original conception to life. Set during the Holy Crusades, Predator Dark Ages follows a group of templar Knights as they attempt to take on one of the most formidable human hunters ever committed to film.

The change up in setting adds a super interesting twist on the franchise's existing formula - how do you fight the ultimate predator with a shield and longsword?

Be sure to check out the film's kick-ass trailer below:

The full movie is coming soon.

2. Power/Rangers Bootleg

When Joseph Kahn's mind blowing Power Rangers short first hit the internet back in February fans exploded with excitement, their Rangers fandom reignited in an instant, the more grounded adult tone striking a chord with millions.

I just hope studios listened to the overwhelmingly positive response to Power/Rangers - if there's one thing it proved, it's that we NEED a dark and gritty Rangers feature film in our lives!

Until that happens, you should probably just keep watching this one over and over again:

3. The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

Power/Rangers producer Adi Shankar returns for this ultra-violent Punisher fan film, featuring Thomas Jane reprising his titular role from the 2004 movie, The Punisher. The short follows the notoriously merciless vigilante doling out his specific type of justice on some unsuspecting gang bangers.

The legendary Ron Perlman also crops up as a disgruntled shop keeper! It's bloody, brutal and pretty much everything a great Punisher film should be. Check it out:

4. Nightwing: The Series

With the truly marvelous Daredevil Netflix series proving that grittiness + superheroes is a winning formula, demand for shows in a similar vein has exploded. For those who've already binged through Marvel's first season, director Adam Zielinski has a very special fan-made treat for you: Nightwing: The Series!

It's about time DC's ass-kicking hero got his own show. This unofficial series is comprised of five awesome episodes, each boasting stunning production values and surprisingly impressive visual effects.

Catch episode one below:


Which fan made movie should be turned into a feature?


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