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(Note, if you haven't yet seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - or read any Spider-Man comics in the past forty-or-so years - then thar be SPOILERS below)

Now, in years to come, we may well look back on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a whole lot more fondness than the majority of fans do today. After all, hindsight is wonderful at both clarifying the great, and smoothing over the not-so-great - which suggests Andrew Garfield's second (and seemingly final) outing as Spidey may well end up with a less overtly negative legacy than it currently seems to have.

In the meantime, though, it's kind of difficult to look past the many levels of geek hatred that have been layered onto the film - from criticisms on a cinematic level, to issues with its villains, its handling of Gwen Stacy, and even problems with its portrayal of Peter Parker himself. The biggest issue for many, though, was that climactic scene, in which...


...Gwen Stacy is killed by the Green Goblin.

Y'know, that one.

What, Though, If That Ending Had Been Very Different?

Y'see, the ending we saw on screen was actually surprisingly un-faithful to the comic-book moment that inspired it...

...Not least in that, in the comic-book version (the legendary Amazing Spider-Man #121-122), the aftermath of Gwen's murder (at a different location, by a different - and in the comics far-less redeemable - version of the Green Goblin) sees Spider-Man getting the chance to let out his anger and anguish in the classic comic-book fashion: via punching...

Which, again in classic-book fashion, ended with this happening:

Specifically, the Green Goblin attempting to kill Spider-Man with his glider, which Spidey dodged, inadvertently allowing the giant flying stabbing-machine to kill his greatest foe.

Which...Isn't How the Movie Went

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, y'see, this happens:

Specifically, Harry Osborn gets knocked unconscious before Gwen is actually killed, with his glider proving the final cause of her death.

As it turns out, though...

There Was Almost a Very Different Ending

#PeterParker not too psyched with #GreenGoblin about the whole Gwen incident. #SpiderMan #Oscorp #Sinister6

A photo posted by Niko Tavernise (@antwrangler) on

One in which, as recently revealed in image-form by set photographer Niko Tavernise, Peter stops to weep after Gwen's death - only to find a fully conscious Green Goblin laughing at him. At which point, Peter proceeds to beat him to within an inch or two of his life...

The #GreenGoblin down for the count. #DaneDehaan #SpiderMan makeup by Sarah Rubano and @wetaworkshop #Sinister6 #Marvel

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...Before presumably (and understandably) weeping some more...

Which - whatever else you say about it - would certainly have been a whole lot closer to the comic-book that inspired it...

Whether it would have brought the movie any more love - or delayed Sony and Marvel's subsequent deal to bring Spidey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - is another thing entirely, of course - but it certainly raises a valid question: would the movie have been better received if it had stuck closer to the source material?

What do you think, though?



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