ByJon Gudmundsson, writer at

It’s a Friday night and I'm sat in front of my computer searching for a decent Horror film to watch. I come across this film and I'm intrigued! It has received a good rating both on Netfilx and IMDB, so I get the popcorn ready and snuggle up and get ready for that Horror Master peace it’s promised to be.

The words “bitterly disappointed” and “cheated” come to mind as I sit through this sad excuse of a horror film. Watching my baby nephew watching Dora the explorer for the 16th time in a row is a more horrifying experience than this film was. Utterly disappointing.

Alison Lohman’s performance in this ‘horror’ film was mediocre at best as her acting was unconvincing and to put it bluntly.. Boring.

However Lorna Raver did an excellent job portraying Mrs. Ganush and she was the only thing that gave this film a “+” in my books.

The horror scenes and special effects in this film were poorly made and with a budget of $30,000,000 you would've thought they could pull off something better than this.

Sadly disappointed and I would encourage my readers not to watch the film which I kindly dubbed to be probably the worst horror film I've ever suffered through.


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