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With MTV's recently announced Scream TV series lurking just around the poorly-lit corner, I thought now would be an opportune time to look back at Wes Craven's convention-conscious meta-horror movies that started the Ghostface craze in the first place.

More specifically, I'm interested in the series' often elaborate and always bloody deaths; all of them. Gallons of blood have been spilt over the years, with four movies worth of bodies piling up, but which kills were the most memorable?

Here’s all 30 on-screen deaths in the Scream series, ranked from worst to best...

30. Kate Roberts

Movie: Scream 4

She might've locked Ghostface outside, but Roberts didn't anticipate the 'special (and sharp) delivery' forced through both the mailbox and her abdomen.

29. Steven Stone

Movie: Scream 3

Death by frying pan is a pretty disappointing way to go.

28. Christine Hamilton

Movie: Scream 3

Though the third movie kicked off with a killer chase, it ended rather disappointingly, with Hamilton getting a blade lodged into her back. Where's the creativity?

27. Rebecca Walters

Movie: Scream 4

Clean and simple, but a little mundane.

26 . Deputy Ross Hoss & Deputy Anthony Perkins

Movie: Scream 4

Perkins gets a clean knife through the head after witnessing his partner's demise. It might be higher on the list if it wasn't for the lame Bruce Willis one-liner he offers for his last words.

25. Angelina Tyler

Movie: Scream 3

While the death itself is pretty standard fare, the reaction to her body being dragged away is amazing!

24. John Milton

Movie: Scream 3

The good old neck slice - a horror staple, but it's never gonna top this list.

23. Robbie Mercer

Movie: Scream 4

Mercer invokes his own sexuality to stave off his murder. Unfortunately for him, Ghostface doesn't discriminate: all must die!

22. Hallie McDaniel

Movie: Scream 2

The scene preceding this - with the ladies forced to climb over Ghostface's unconscious body - has to be one of the most nail-bitingly intense scenes in the whole franchise. It's a shame this run-of-the-mill death couldn't quite live up to it.

21. Tyson Fox

Movie: Scream 3

Getting hurled off a balcony would be a pretty dire way to go.

20. Principal Arthur Himbry

Movie: Scream

Preceded by a pretty great jump scare, the principal's death gets a solid 7 / 10.

19. Jennifer Jolie

Movie: Scream 3

Though it was sad to see Parker Posey get slashed, her constant moaning was kinda getting a little grating.

18. Officer Richard Andrews & Officer Andrew Richards

Movie: Scream 2

As far as horror movie deaths go, a head impaled by a spike is fairly well-worn territory, but hey - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

17. Sarah Darling

Movie: Scream 3

A classic Scream death scene, Darling's demise is made all the more hard to watch by the countless decoy Ghostface costumes she finds herself surrounded by. When she finds the one with a person inside, it's already too late.

16. Jenny Randall

Movie: Scream 4

An homage to Tatum Riley's garage door death in the original movie, the series got so meta it started referencing itself!

15. CiCi Cooper

Movie: Scream 2

As sad as I was to see Buffy get stabbed to bits, this was actually a pretty satisfying death.

14. Derek Feldman

Movie: Scream 2

This death was particularly hard to watch, especially after Sidney had just questioned Feldman's innocence. Tragic.

13. Charlie Walker

Movie: Scream 4

I couldn't have been gladder to see Walker go, especially after he killed Reed. Good riddance!

12. Kenny Jones

Movie: Scream

Gale's cameraman gets his throat slashed after forgetting about the time delay on a hidden camera - you'd think the technical expert would know better...

11. Steven Orth

Movie: Scream

How could I forget the first ever death in the franchise. This is the murder that kicked everything off!

10. Phil Stevens

Movie: Scream 2

The opening death to Scream 2 was certainly one to remember. Stevens tries to listen to rather vocal sex going on in the adjacent bathroom stall, only to be met by a steel blade in the ear.

9. Olivia Morris

Movie: Scream 4

If I were ranking the 'most gruesome death' this one would take it by a mile.

8. Trevor Sheldon

Movies: Scream 4

Gets shot in the balls.

And then in the head; 'nuff said.

That's my Scream haiku.

7. Cotton Weary

Movie: Scream 3

Though he managed to dodge the knife for two whole movies, Cotton would meet his match in the third - a fitting end to a great character.

6. Tom Prinze

Movie: Scream 3

It's that brief shot of his body blowing into a thousand flaming pieces that earns this one's high ranking.

5. Randy Meeks

Movie: Scream 2

Quite possibly the saddest death in the entire franchise - I was heartbroken to see film-buff Randy meet his maker. The fact that it takes place in the daytime makes it all the more unexpected, acting as a terrifying reminder that no one is safe in a Scream movie.

4. Kirby Reed

Movie: Scream 4

Kirby takes on the killer at his own game, answering horror movie trivia questions to save Charlie's life. Only, Charlie turns out to be one of the killers himself, which he reveals before stabbing the best character in the fourth film.

3. Tatum Riley

Movie: Scream

I'll never forget Riley's horrific end - getting stuck in a garage door dog flap and being crushed to death. Full marks for creative butchery.

2. Maureen Evans

Movie: Scream 2

Coming in at a well deserved number two, Evans epitomizes the very meaning of irony as she dies in front of the movie 'Stab' - the fake in-universe adaptation of the events of the first Scream film. It's made all the more terrifying when you're watching the film within a film inside a real life, darkened movie theater.

1. Casey Becker

Movie: Scream

Did you ever doubt it? This iconic scene is the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone mentions Scream. At the time, killing off leading star Drew Barrymore in the first 10 minutes was so totally unexpected, it set the tone immediately for the groundbreaking franchise.

For a series obsessed with horror movie conventions, it made sure to subvert them at the perfect moment for maximum shock value. Bravo, Wes.


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