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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Not content with populating their own world with their cutesy and moralistic tales of joys and woe, it seems as if the characters of the Disney universe want to get involved in other, just as enthralling, worlds. And they're damn well welcome, if you ask me.

So join me on a little venture into the brilliant minds of fan artists who have taken their favorite Disney characters out on a little walk around town:

1. X-Men

by Larocka84

This is one crossover I'd kill to see. Well, maybe not kill. Basically, it'd be great.

2. Humanized (Non)Disney Animals

by CarmenFoolHeart

Rain, Lady, Kiara, Nala, Terk and Dutchess have never looked so good!

3. Disney's "Firefly"

by Stephen Byrne

*wipes away tears of joy from eyes*

4. Punisher/Bambi

by m7781

What? Holy crap, this would be great fan-fiction!

5. Mulan & Batgirl

by Rachel Ordway

A match made in heaven, I'd say.

6. Stitch & Rocket Raccoon

by David Branstetter

Imagine this pairing! This piece had me in... stitches.

7. Falling

by khallion

Some great combinations on this list, humblebrag. None more perfect than the Dr. and Alice.

8. Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones Characters

by DjeDjehuti

Who wouldn't want to see this?

9. Jane Porter as Lara Croft

by Isaiah Stephens

Perfect choice and exquisitely drawn!

10. Big Hero 3PO


Doesn't get much cuter than this awesomeness. Man I love Baymax!

11. LINK!!!!

by hoomzi

What fan art list would be complete without a visit from Hyrule's finest?

12. Justice League Princesses

by Paul Hostetler

And, dressing princesses up like the heroines they are!


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