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“A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family. “

If you’re looking for a feel good film to make you smile… Look no further. But be warned! This film will make you incredibly hungry... As I write this review my stomach is growling and I’m struggling to focus on anything else but my upcoming lunch hour.. However, I will do my best.

‘Chef’ is simply a fantastic film and will make you want to think outside the box and take a bit of risk in your life and follow your passion.


“Carl Casper is an acclaimed chef with a family life that seems as decaying as his artistic freedom. Those frustrations boil over into a raucous viral-videoed public confrontation against a restaurant critic who panned his cooking of food that his boss ordered him to make against his instincts. Now with his career ruined, Carl's ex-wife offers an unorthodox solution in Miami: refit an old food truck to offer quality cooking on his own terms.”

The cast in this film did splendidly and the script writing is excellent. Jon Favreau which is probably one of my most favourite actors portrayed Carl in such an excellent manner that you couldn’t help to simply love him. Favreau will make you laugh with him, cry with him and just feel! All the feels! His passion for the role shines through and all in all he’s done an excellent job.

However the main star in this film in my opinion would have to be Emjay Anthony who start as Percy, Carl’s son. Now that is a performance! A young kid trying to connect with his dad wanting to share his passion for food whilst bridging the gap between two very different generations.

This film is starring another favourite of mine, Sofía Vergara providing us with another superstar performance. She’s such a perfect fit for this film.

Not only is this film filled with passion, drama and comedy, but as well does it showcase splendidly the power of social media in today’s society and furthermore, it will make you want to chase your passions whatever they may be.

This is a film I would recommend to anyone to watch. I would be very surprised if you didn't enjoy it.


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