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This week's episode of The Flash, in my opinion, was brilliant, and definitely one of the best the show had ever produced. It was well written, well shot, had a gripping villain, huge plot developments on the Harrison Wells front, but, above all, was just incredibly fun and a thrill to watch. It was the calm before the storm- and the storm starts to rage in The Trap. Mini spoiler buffer as is my custom before full spoilers for up to date episodes of The Flash follow.

We need more Cisco/Laurel scenes!
We need more Cisco/Laurel scenes!

My spoiler buffer comes in the form of the Cisco/Black Canary photo, because, let me tell you, I haven't laughed harder at anything for a while. This was brilliant haha! What amazing fun all of Laurel and Cisco's scenes were, their chemistry was excellent, the humour consistently hilarious- and a new big present for Laurel outright labelled the Canary Cry- indeed lived up to the "amazing" scenes that were promised. Let's hope we get more next season.

Anyway, you're not here for that. Here's the full trailer for The Trap.

Pretty huge plot developments there! Let's break it down.

The Team knows for certain about Harrison Wells...

The corpse of the real Harrison Wells made it into Barry's lab tonight, and even Caitlin, who had her doubts- a nice little character arc, might I add- knows for certain that the man masquerading as Harrison Wells is a fraud, and they have to stop him. What the team don't know at the moment is that he's actually Eobard Thawne, but I'm fairly certain that will be confirmed to them next week as scenarios repeat themselves (see below).

...and Wells knows they know.

The shot of Wells looking around his empty lab in his wheelchair is the first indicator of that for me, ignoring his afterward threatening of Cisco and confronting the rest of the gang. That lonely, isolated spin frames Wells as a man who realises he is now very much alone. Whatever the case, don't expect much wheelchair-bound Wells from hereon in.

So how do you trap him?

Wells wells wells, what have we here? (I'm sorry).
Wells wells wells, what have we here? (I'm sorry).

I believe, while it's not featured in this promo, that this will be the episode teased since the Paleyfest Promo which will feature Cisco popping on Vibe-esque goggles and seemingly allow him a full and proper view of the alternate timeline where he died- the subplot of him remembering those moments wasn't really revisited this week, but, fear not, it will be.

Also of note is that the "Let him go" Barry snarls while in The Flash costume I believe is actually taken from Rogue Time, Episode 16- I'll need to rewatch it to be sure, but you can see Snart's hood in the corner, and I seem to remember it being said. I'll double check for you. So, how do you trap Wells? Well, you let time correct itself, as Wells told Barry it would- but only to an extent.

But this isn't a scene we've seen before!

Any fans of Cisco- AKA anyone sane- would be dreading the prospect of watching his death again, and from a narrative perspective redoing a whole scene isn't great either (unless you consistently intentionally rewatch episodes, AKA me). Fear not. Already we can see the scene will be built the same way, making it fun to watch as we think we know what's happening, and then will be flipped on its head with Barry and co's apparent intervention.

So ensues a confrontation built up over 20 episodes!

As Barry calls out for Wells to face him, we see something in white on the ground behind him, in the middle of the trap set for the Reverse Flash, that appears almost mummified. Is it a Reverse Flash suit, perhaps? It seems a tad obvious. Fear not, though- it's none of Joe, Barry, Caitlin or Cisco. What's also interesting about this shot is that Wells has fled, and the whole team have flooded in.

Thawne attacks...Eddie?

Now, make no mistake, this episode will have huge developments, I feel, that will frame the final three episodes into a perfect little finale. We know that there are "interesting secrets" between the two Thawnes, and we may see that come to light in this episode. Remember, Wells made a very conscious effort of not harming Eddie several times because he was his ancestor. Remember, that may not be Eddie, but it looks like him, and seems a logical assumption.

Expect a Flash VS Reverse Flash fight.

From the "Superhero Fight Club" promo , not canon.
From the "Superhero Fight Club" promo , not canon.

This is more speculation with a tad of influence from potential set photos- which we're not even sure are from this episode- but I'd be surprised if you don't see Wells/Thawne and Barry in their suits spar it out in this hour. That said, it's not a guarantee it'll happen.

West tries to shoot Wells?

From the looks of it, it certainly appears as if Joe aims and fires at him- only for Barry to jump in front and try to catch the bullet. Why would Barry do this? Is he trying to save Wells? Has the bullet been taken off course? We'll see, but it looks like one of those slow motion scenes we all love.

This is the kind of trailer which really doesn't give much away, and while that makes writing a breakdown harder, it's also nice to go into an episode pretty much completely unspoiled- this trailer gets me hyped while not actually giving anything away in the same manner the Batman VS Superman one did. If you want to read more, a breakdown for the trailer of that movie just mentioned is available right here done in the same style as the one you just read, I have one for Arrow's The Fallen, and, now (update), if you're up to date, one for Al-Sah-Him. On the note of why the film and TV universes just mentioned should stay separate, you can have a look at my thoughts on that here, even though I love both of them.

Don't miss The Trap next week- same Flash time, same Flash channel.


They keep dropping Easter Eggs- do you want GREEN LANTERN to show up soon?


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