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The force is strong with artist Andy Fairhurst, the mastermind behind these wonderfully elegant Star Wars designs, each paying tribute to one of the three original movies that made us fall in love with the franchise all those years ago.

The set of beautiful posters was created for the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, though unfortunately they've all now sold out. However, even though you can't pilfer one for yourself, you can still take a look at the simple yet striking designs below...

A New Hope

The beautiful Tatooine landscape contrasts beautifully with the imposing imagery of incoming TIE Fighters swooping in front of the gargantuan Death Star.

The Empire Strikes Back

The second installment is represented by Luke's fateful trip to Yoda's Dagobah system, with Cloud City hovering behind.

Return of the Jedi

The skeletal frame of the rebuilt Death Star lurks amid the trees of Endor, with the sinister silhouette of Vader facing the Falcon head on.

[Source: Andy Fairhurst]


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