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It is official that the Dawn of Justice movie will not be a Sequel to Man of Steel, the Batman vs Superman movie in 2016. What could this mean of the DC Cinematic Universe. Henry Cavill himself declares that is not entirely part of the Man of Steel Universe. The story takes place years after Man of Steel, you could tell in the trailer that Metropolis City is rebuilt and there is a statue of Superman with a graffiti saying that he is a False God.

As you know Ben Affleck is the new Batman is this movie. So there is a whole new twist to this movie. This movie is going to lead on DC Cinematic Universe, so basically Man of Steel was just the introduction to the Cinematic Universe and eventually the Justice League. Here is what Superman said in Las Vegas for the San Diego Comic-Con.

"I've only seen a little bit of ADR stuff, but that's it, and that wasn't even in color. I'm hoping to see it [the whole movie] some time this year, for a friends and family screening or something. But I really know nothing about what the finished product looks like. I wouldn't call this a Superman sequel. This is Batman versus Superman, so it's a separate entity altogether. It's introducing the Batman character, and expanding upon this universe, which was kicked off by 'Man of Steel'. It's an introduction to the [Batman] character, and ultimately an introduction to 'Justice League.'"

So this is total proof that the film will not be a sequel to Man of Steel, so sorry for those fan-boys who thought the movie will be a sequel.

In other news, the photos of the new Bat mobile that will be used in the movie has been leaked and is viral. The main interest of the batmobile is that it has new high weaponry machine guns in the front. There is also a prototype of the sick war machine.


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