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As Brian Michael Bendis' run on the All New X-Men series comes to an end, the brilliant writer and artist will leave a stirring legacy with the confirmation of comic book fans' long discussed ponderings on X-Man Iceman's sexual preference. News flash: he is indeed gay. Well, the younger Iceman is anyway.

In the latest issue, number 40, a young Jean Grey calls out a young Bobby Drake after he catcalls Magik, which could turn out to be a dumb move seeing as she's Colossus' sister. The young psychic then questions his motives, knowing full well his secret (psychics, huh?). A move Drake doesn't respond to well at the beginning and perhaps rightfully so:

Iceman's initial anger and shock begins to, er, thaw...

The two eventually hug it out in these brilliant cells...

These scans, taken from issue 40 which releases today, were uploaded to tumblr and have now spread like wildfire across the infinite web, causing much stir and fuss. So much that even Bendis had to comment:

Yeah, I can understand where he's coming from. But, you know, internet.

X-Men has long been regarded as a metaphor for homosexuality, being born "different" and attempting to hide in plain sight, misunderstood by "normal" people and the government, etc.

But where this turn of events could and should be seen as a positive call of empowerment for teens entering puberty and those already burdened with it, who identify, or have yet to, as gay or lesbian, I really hope this is more than just a casual wink at the immeasurable need for diversity in entertainment. "Be a bit controversial and shift some stock."

Gays and lesbians are still underrepresented in the media, and should never have to suffer the indignation of being rendered mere tools to generate capital from.

What do you think?

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