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1999's Galaxy Quest was a spot-on sci-fi satire, with as much reverence for the subject of its hilarious pastiche as any straight-faced piece of science fiction, and earned its place as the best Star Trek movie that was never even a Star Trek movie!

Unfortunately, it didn't find much of an audience at the box office, despite garnering a dedicated cult following after its home release. Now, it seems Paramount are keen to capitalize on the movie's underground popularity, kickstarting a new project that will bring Galaxy Quest to TV screens!

If you never caught the original film, it followed a group of washed up actors famed for starring in a Trek-like TV show, when they're thrown back into the action after becoming reluctant participants in a real life intergalactic war. The whole thing has its tongue firmly placed in its cheek and is a wonderful tribute to both the show that inspired it as well as the ardent sci-fi fan base who rallied around it.

For an idea of its tone, check out this both excruciating and hilarious clip:

The film's screenwriter, Robert Gordon, is expected to also write the TV series, while director Dean Parisot and producer Mark Johnson are reportedly in negotiations to executive produce.

By Grabthar's hammer, I hope they can also get the original cast on board. Tim Allen and Alan Rickman delivered stand-out performances that left me in stitches. It simply wouldn't be the same without them.

The project is still in its early stages - check back for more news as it comes. Never give up. Never surrender!


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